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Drop the bomb

A 'call to arms' to the UK Hemp and CBD industry, from The Hemp Hound Agency

Far be it for me to jump in with quotes from Winston Churchill, but truth be told, I'll fight anyone on the beaches if I feel they are trying to steal the UK Hemp and CBD industry from those who have made it what it is today. We can go with thumb wars, battle rap, or Queensbury rules if you like, I'm all good whatever way you chose to end this beef!

And my 'beef' is big!

The good news here is that I've got a big frying pan, affectionately called 'Bessie', but before she's unleashed from the cupboard and PETA jump on me for using cows to deal with arguments, allow me to explain what the stakes taste like.

I've helped hundreds of people who have put their heart and soul into their hemp and CBD business, they deserve better than the uncertainty that they've faced at every corner, and yet slowly, but surely, I'm watching the rug being pulled from beneath their feet, by the FSA, at the orders of the HO, after GW/Jazz Pharma (GW) whispered 16 lab reports in their ear... Oh, and with the ACI/CMC cheering on from the side-lines, of course.

Bitter, that's how those stakes taste, and I don't even sell a physical product!

If someone from PETA is reading this and thinking "you've saved you metaphorical bacon, Mr Jones!", don't breathe too easily! If you check here, you'll see the 16 lab reports that are being used to determine toxicology report requirements for CBD Novel Foods. They represent unnecessary animal testing, dissecting rats after feeding them CBD Isolate to see what impacts come with ingestion, and then somehow applying the findings to how it could impact humans... Tell me in which parallel universe that makes sense in, and I'll promise you hand on heart never to mess with Quantum Physics.

Why do animal testing, when cannabis and cannabinoids have been consumed by humans before written records even began, and not had a single fatality from ingestion?

That's the crux of the matter, I can't simplify it any more... or can I?

Corruption is afoot!

Or 'lobbying', which is supposedly essential for a healthy democracy, but it's still 'cash under the table'

How else can Novel Foods be explained? I mean, I could ask questions, as the industry has done before The Hemp Hound Agency existed, but who'll answering them... Paul Tossall?

Don't be... batty!

More to the point, why has no-one answered any question that has been burning on our lips? That's what's first and foremost on my mind. Seriously, if you don't know this already, there's only one reason why companies, agencies, organisations and government offices don't answer questions that a lot of people are asking, and that's because there is something to hide!

So what has The Hemp Hound Agency done?

I've written to the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA), because no matter how you look at this, GW is conducting a hostile takeover of its main rival, the hemp and CBD food supplement industry.

It's not just that industry either, if you look at their submission to the ongoing Enquiry on Recreational Drugs, you'll see GW are trying to take away any possible recreational cannabis market by claiming controlled cannabinoids are dangerous, despite them having an extensive portfolio of controlled cannabinoid based preparations.

There's much more to this of course - who contacted the MHRA in 2016 to try and get CBD defined as a purely medicinal compound? Why did the HO try to initiate Novel Foods in 2017, and was Victoria Atkins the Drugs Minister at that point? Why are the VMD being directed by the HO on cannabinoid based pet products, and not by vetinary science? Who stands to gain from any of those moves, and why are the HO interfering with legitimate industries on behalf of that entity of which they have had a 20+ year strong working relationship with?

I initially lodged my complaint with a focus on GW, HO, and the FSA, that was until the ACI/CMC started messing about. By that, I mean that certain activities came to light which led me to believe that writing a 22 minute long article, looking directly at their timeline, was 'a must', so I took a week out of my time to do just that. The findings might be of interest, which includes links to GW.

This screenshot shows that the CMC/ACI have been added to the complaint, and their connection with GW, HO, and the FSA will be scrutinised... IF an investigation is launched!

That's where I need your help!

Do you love this industry? Do you feel that your efforts are worth fighting for? Do you think it's right that the HO is effectively giving the UK hemp and CBD industry to GW? Do you feel that some validated companies on the FSA Novel Food List have an unfair market advantage despite having no products on sale pre-13/02/2020? Do you feel that the ACI/CMC's fake 'rejected companies list' in The Grocer needs to be called out, as well as them using Surrey TS to grass up companies for not being on an incomplete list?

I know, there's so much more to choose from, but if there was at least ONE yes to them or the questions above, can you please:

  • Take five or ten minutes to write to the CMA about it: try and keep as much emotion out of what you write, don't swear, and do explain what you feel the impact is to your business and the industry as a whole.

  • Email that to quoting Ref: CMA220180-2, and ask if your email can be added to any evidence used in any investigation that they launch.

It really is up to you now!

And by you, I mean everyone! I am asking all associations, organisations and companies to have their say, assuming that you 'do' have something to say about the way we're being micro-managed, that is.

The Hemp Hound Agency is a small voice in the industry, but I know a few of my recent articles have resonated with many people. That's because I fight for the industry, and I have no agenda other than a free and fair market that is accessible by all, and not by invitation only.

Please, do your bit!

And if you want to do more, please sign this petition to stop GW influence in UK cannabis as a whole.


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