Who We Are

Highly Qualified and Motivated Professionals

The Hemp Hound pack consists of Husband and wife team Cefyn and Kirsty Jones, with Sprocket the Pointer-dale as company mascot, Chief Moral Officer and Head of Treats.

Cefyn has a history of working with cannabis industry associations and organisations consulting with their members to understand laws and guidelines from the UK and EU cannabis and hemp markets. 

He also helps with contact building for B2B networking and finding solutions to people's needs through sourcing and sharing relevant service providers.

Cefyn is well known in the cannabis industry, His knowledge covers many facets of the legal cannabis markets which lead to his near 3 years as a core member service for an industry trade association. 

Kirsty's background comes from over 25 years in successful Sales, Business Development, Advertising and Promotions. She is passionate about the companies she works with and brings a broad range of skills including account management, blog writing, Lead generation, team leadership and MD for several other businesses, she has a keen business acumen and logical approach to business strategy and marketing.

Together, and under the watchful eyes of Sprocket, they aim to offer creative ideas and friendly support for businesses both established or new ventures. 

When it comes to hemp, we've got the scent!

If you would like further information on what we do, talk about our services or to feature in the Hemp Hound Directory.