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The Hemp Hound Agency

The UK's premier Hemp & CBD advisory and signposting service


We Love The Good Herb!

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  • Need the right hemp industry contact to unlock your business potential?

  • Looking for advice on CBD products and sourcing?

  • Uncertain of how to approach your target market?

  • Want to feature your products or services on our Hemp Hound Business Directory?

Welcome To
The Hemp Hound


Hemp Hound Directory

Whether you're looking for product labels, or a supplier of CBD gummies, we're here to get you that name and a few more for good measure, because choice is important


It's not just supply contacts that we can help with, The Hemp Hound Directory is a B2B resource to help find those important service providers, from recruitment services, payment providers to Lab testing and more.

Expert Industry Advice

With over 5 years experience in the hemp & CBD industry, The Hemp Hound team might be referred to as veterans in what are still relatively new markets. 

From compliance to farming practices, the MoDR '01 to Novel Foods and how to keep on the right side of the law. Whatever your needs are, big or small, we're here to answer your questions on a confidential and advisory basis. 

Regular Industry News

It's a fast paced industry out there, so having an extra set of eyes on key CBD & Hemp industry news can take some of that weight off your shoulders.

That's where we come in, we'll sniff out the headlines that mean the most to our industry and give regular updates on any thought provoking or idea sparking info that might make a difference to your business .


Business Related Services

There's more to business than just having a product to sell, there are other areas that you might need help with such as web solutions, marketing & promotions and writing content.

We can help directly with many of these areas; we can help out with general advice as a client, offer paid for services or direct you to companies who are more specialised in their field.

Product Compliance

It's a tricky market to navigate if you haven't got the right charts to sail by, and it doesn't help when authorities refer you to guidelines that don't quite answer the question you're asking. 

With nearly 3 years experience with compliance regulations, The Hemp Hound will keep you on the right track by providing up to date interpretation on current UK legislation.


Hemp Farming Advice

As much as cannabis grows wild in some parts of the world, a license is required from the Home Office to grow it in the UK which includes requirements for location and security.

We're here to help you explore farming options, which in turn determines the appropriate practices to maximise your harvests potential. This information will help with any license application.

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