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The Hemp hound founder has worked with many companies in the CBD and hemp industry, here's what some of them have said.

David Hillier, Dorset Hemp

I’ve known Cefyn for little over two years now, he has always been very helpful, answering any questions I may have or doing some research and getting back to me. Always approachable, great guy.

James O'Mahony, HerbMed

Cefyn has been my go to person for the past number of years in the industry. When it comes to unique and detailed information that is needed he always seems to come through with an answer. This has helped us significantly, saving money on solictor fees and so called specialists. As long as I am in the industry he will certainly be one of the first people to contact with any information needed.

Samuel David, Bnatural Oils

Cefyn is one of the most knowledgeable people I have come across in this industry. He has helped us no end and always goes out of his way to find the answers if he doesn't know them (which isn't very often). I would recommend Cefyn and the team to anyone and The Hemp Hound will always have my support.

Scott Hardacre, Hempresso

If you want advice on the CBD industry and like the idea of having someone on the end of the phone who has over 5 years experience in the industry and has more knowledge then he probably knows then Cefyn Jones is your man.

Hannah Wenn, Hannabis

Cefyn has always been an absolute pleasure to work with and on any occasion I have turned to him for advise, I have been supported fully, advised correctly and thoroughly about the situation also. I would always request to speak to Cefyn if I could as I found him to always be the most helpful & understanding.

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