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Cold Press Hemp Based Product Suppliers

Cold-pressed hemp oil that contains CBD is a natural product that combines the nutritional qualities of cold-pressed hemp seed oil with the potential wellness properties of CBD.


The cold-pressing process preserves the oil's nutrients, while CBD adds a holistic element that may support relaxation and overall well-being. Incorporating this oil into your routine can be a nourishing choice for a balanced lifestyle


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Launched in Spring 2023, the full spectrum, whole plant cannabis oils, capsules and gummies in the range mirror the complex phytochemical profile of the cannabis plant, ensuring a fuller range of cannabis-associated benefits than CBD alone.


The range’s value to white label brand clients lies in the traditional methods used to extract the primary ingredients, without contemporary selective technologies. As these methods pre-date 1997, the products are exempt from novel foods regulations, yet are legal for retail sale, each containing less than 1mg of THC per component part.

With options of adding plant terpenes, the products can be tweaked in several ways for flavour to bring in the associated benefits of certain terpene profiles.

  • UK Based

  • Novel & Not-Novel Product Range

  • Seed To Product Traceability

  • Vegan Certified

  • Organic friendly

  • Oils, Capsules & Gummies Available

  • Hemp grown in Portugal

Bnatural Logo Big Flower-01.png

Did you ever have a dream? What about one that came true?


That's what happened with Bnatural Oils, a founder had a dream that they would make a beard oil and it would win 1st prize at an Expo. The fun didn't stop there, as the same company went on to win 'Best Oil' Category for the Hemp & CBD Expo last year.

Sam (the mad scientist) and Georgina (the dreamer) are there to listen to your needs, and help you out with what you're after

Click 'Say Hello' and use HOUND10 to get a 10% discount off your first wholesale or white label order.

  • UK Based

  • Award Winning products

  • CBD Oils

  • CBD Cosmetics

  • CBD Edibles ​

  • White Label

  • Wholesale

We are a seed to sale CBD manufacture in the UK with our own farms. We produce high quality CBD products kept as natural as possible.


We offer private label, as an ingredient or wholesale under our own brand, Body and Mind Botanicals. We produce Organic Hemp Tea, Cold Pressed CBD Oil in many strengths, Vegan CBD Chocolate, cooking spices, topicals and many other products.


We set ourselves apart from the rest being the only CBD company to be seed to sale, a Food Registered company, Certified Organic, Vegan Certified and SALSA Accredited.


If you are looking for Organic, natural, high quality CBD products with excellent customer service and a friendly team that feel passionate about what they do then please get in touch.

  • UK Based

  • Seed to Product

  • Organic Certified

  • Novel Foods Exempt

  • Ingredient Offering

  • White Label

  • Wholesale

After experiencing first-hand how hemp can better quality of life, BROWN'S CBD was launched to share to wonders of the plant with as many people as possible.


We are a family-run, UK-based business that takes pride in offering a wide variety of effective products. From CBD patches to full-spectrum oils and vape carts, we offer products that cater to people from all walks of life.


We prioritise offering products containing as many hemp compounds as possible, in order to maximise their synergistic potential.


We are open to supporting small businesses with LOW MOQ's and unlimited growth guidance and education as a standard.

  • Family Run UK Business

  • MCCS Approved

  • ISO 22000 Certified Oils

  • Vegan Friendly

  • 4.8 Star Trustpilot Score

  • Full-Spectrum Options

  • Low MOQ's

Country Boys Collective is a West Country based CBD and Hemp company aiming to help create a thriving local industry and community - working with local farmers and businesses to put Hemp back on the map.

CBC comes as a by-product of a group of individuals with a passion for CBD & Hemp deciding to collectively grow on our experience and knowledge to create a long-lasting brand. We can see the economic, environmental and nutritional benefits that widespread use of this plant will have and want to facilitate a greater understanding of its use going forward. Through this agenda we’ve partnered with a 500 acre hemp farm in Taunton, and are working towards creating a true seed-to-shelf product.


All of our products are Lab tested and made in the UK and are 100% naturally grown. Our ethos is not providing just high-quality products, but also knowledge and accessibility to an exciting and forgotten part of our history.

  • UK Based

  • Partnered with Taunton Hemp Co

  • Seed To Product Traceability

  • CBD & Wholefood Products

  • Organic Certified

  • Clothing Range

  • Made And Lab Tested In The UK

Since 2005, Dutch Natural Healing has developed into one of the best and most trusted - ISO certified - CBD producers worldwide. We owe this reputation to an honest and reliable way of working; and our passion for developing truly effective CBD products. Which we supply to more than 50 brands across the globe, in addition to our own brand of high-quality CBD oil and other cannabinoid supplements; which we offer through our webshop and various outlets.

All our hemp products are made in Europe, our nursery uses only organic processes, and traditional extraction processes.  This allows us to guarantee the highest possible quality for the extractions we use for tinctures, skin products and CBD skin care - pure and how nature intended.

  • Based in the Netherlands

  • Hempy White Label Awards Winner 2022

  • ISO 22000 Accredited Since 2018

  • Novel and Not Novel products available

  • Next Day Delivery In UK and EU

  • Cosmetic & Lifestyle Products Also Available

  • Site Visits Welcome

Husband a wife duo, we are Scotland’s first CBD subscription box company, and we also offer our own Organic, Cold-Pressed CBD range. We stand up for hemp, cannabis and natural goods. It is our goal to spread the message around the world about the benefits of CBD, the whole plant and show how it can have a positive effect for all and our planet. We believe that CBD is for everyone, and our aim is to show that in a new and exciting way. Offering a variety of ‘Hempers’ (Hampers full of Hemp derived products!)


We hand select a wide range of CBD from trusted brands, lab tested and vegan friendly and put them together in one box. It’s a great way of trying a bunch of products from amazing brands. Our own range is 100% natural, organic and vegan friendly Cold-Pressed CBD. Including oils, gummies and balms. 

  • Based In Scotland

  • Organic EU Certified Hemp

  • Not Novel Product Range

  • Vegan Certified

  • Wholesale Options Available

  • Oils, Gummies & Balms

  • Subscription Service

Hempen Co-operative is made up of a bunch of folk who believe that the immense power of the hemp plant should be accessible to everyone! They strive to improve the lives of their community by actively supporting the well-being of their employees and volunteers as they build a holistic business model based on far more important things than profit.

Based at Hardwick Estate in Oxfordshire, they have been championing Organic Certified Hemp based products since 2015. From seed to soil, from plant to oil, all the workers in the co-operative are involved in the discussion and decision-making that feeds their work and our vision.

Hempen are dedicated to organics, innovation, and providing the highest quality hemp products. If you would like to know more about their amazing products, or about joining the Hempen Co-operative, click 'Say Hello' and they will be happy to give you more details.

  • UK Based

  • Organic Certified

  • Specialist Hemp Consultancy Services

  • Not For Profit Co-operative

  • Extensive Product Range

  • Wholesale & Bulk Enquiries Welcome

  • Farm Visits Welcome

Asset 11_4x-8.png

High Point CBD is more than just a product; it's a commitment to better living. Born from extensive expertise in CBD, neuroscience, and nutrition, High Point CBD marries quality and affordability in ways unseen in the industry.


Our mission is to enhance the life quality of those dealing with debilitating conditions, and also those who simply seek to optimize their health. Through thorough research, we infuse our products with high-grade adaptogens, ayurvedic medicines, and other potent plant extracts, using nature's raw power to help you reach your peak performance.


At High Point CBD, we deliver products that keep you at your highest point in every aspect of life.

  • UK Based

  • Adaptogen infused Products

  • Mushroom Power

  • Wide Product Range

  • Patient Driven Originals

  • Organic Products

  • Ayurvedic Infusions

second capture.PNG

Hailing from the South West, Marc and Sally have built a trusted brand in the ocean city of Plymouth.

They are also known for being proactive, with them setting up The Hemp Cooperative to connect with other businesses and help with start-ups.

Amongst other products, they can also help with fresh roasted CBD coffee.

Click 'Say Hello' and use HOUND10 to get a 10% discount off your first wholesale or white label order.

  • UK Based

  • CBD Oils

  • CBD Cosmetics

  • CBD Edibles 

  • CBD Vapes

  • White Label

  • Wholesale


Naturally Pure Lab creates a range of their own gorgeous cold-pressed hemp products from tasty fruit flavoured Gummy Bears infused with Hemp Extract to sublingual oils and skincare products,as well as working with clients that are looking for assistance with the bottling and/or blending process. Their White label and R&D services help you to create your own bespoke, legally approved brand of cold-pressed based hemp products.


They will help verse you in the naturally pure and solvent free traditional methods used by Soft Botanic Extraction. If that wasn’t enough they can even feature your products alongside their own on their consumer facing website


For more information please visit: 

or email

  • UK Based

  • CBD & Cold Pressed Hemp Wholesale Supplies

  • CBD & Cold Pressed White Label Service

  • Create Your Own CBD & Cold Pressed Product Range

  • Blending and Bottling Service

  • Non Novel and Non Selective

  • Cold Pressed Hemp R&D

Taunton Hemp Company is a 500-acre West Country based, Soil Association Organic, licenced hemp farm. Our aim is to sustainably provide the best quality hemp products, from fibre to seed and everything in between. With our experience in cannabis cultivation and the farming industry, we know how important it is to grow and support British produce. This is now more important than ever!

Working with UK based farms and research partners to help create a thriving and carbon negative local industry. As well as pioneering old and new farming techniques back into the mainstream. We believe that the hemp plant can play an integral role in the future of this country, the planet, and the people on it! Our team is dedicated to making a difference to the way we farm and view this ancient crop.


Join the hemp revolution and help bring back the use of this incredible plant. Let’s start making a difference today. From seed to shelf!

  • UK Based

  • Partnered with Country Boys Collective

  • Seed To Product Traceability

  • Over 30 Years Collective Of Cannabis Cultivation

  • Certified Organic

  • Accredited Supplier Of Henola

  • Part Of The Dutchy Of Cornwall Farming Estate

Rio-Vitalise work in partnership with Cannabiosfera, the only approved hemp farm inside of 1 of over 700 UNESCO designated Biospheres.


Based outside of Valencia, stringent rules mean that all the hemp most be grown naturally, and not with man made fertilisers. They also have the Rio Cabriel, the cleanest river in Europe to aid in watering their crops.


Rio-Vitalise believe that nature doesn't have to be messed around with, and by working with Cannabiosfera they can guarantee the best quality products in the most eco-friendly way.


For more information, click 'Say Hello'

  •  Based in Spain

  • ​ UNESCO Site Grown Hemp

  • Wholesale

  • Seed & Stem or wholeplant

  • Custom White Label Services

  • Seed to product traceability

  • Excellent Customer Service

If you would like further information on what we do, talk about our services or to feature in the Hemp Hound Directory.

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