Alternative Services

It takes more than just a CBD supplier to start a business, so here's a choice of companies who work across all sectors.


Look out for the paw print, these are Hemp Hound Clients.



Our services encompass a variety of tests specialised to analyse a wide range of organic compounds including CBD, Residual solvents, and Terpenes used in the cosmetic and food industries.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced
analytical chemists work closely with the leading manufacturers in the Cannabinoid industry.

Founded in 1999, our business is focused on providing innovative, effective solutions to customers testing and quality requirements,
providing support within various industry sectors.

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  • Cannabinoid Profile Testing

  • Terpene Profile Testing

  • Residual Solvent Testing 

  • Pesticidal Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • Mycotoxin Analysis

Labels & Packaging

90% of information processed by the brain is visual and it only takes 3 seconds to form a first impression.


With this in mind, brand packaging needs to be unique and create an emotional experience like none other. With over 35 years of experience, Printwell UK support brands to stand out in store or online with their sustainably produced packaging.


We pride ourselves on producing our clients packaging in UK, no matter if they are a growing small business or an established global brand.


From compostable carton packaging to rigid boxes made from hemp paper, we have you covered. Our team of experts love working with clients who can collaboratively push the boundaries, be it beauty brands or luxury brands.

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Low MOQ's and short lead times

  • Sustainable Packaging

  • Packaging Portal - For Branding And Logo Design

  • Over 35 Years Packaging And Print Experience 

  • Family Owned Business

If you are looking for labels that sparkle and give the WOW factor then you need to get in touch with the award winning team at Direct Labels UK who are a leading supplier of high quality digital labels and stickers.


From commercial labels in longer print runs to pharmaceutical labelling, food safe labels, and more as well as specialising in PEEL AND REVEAL labels they can cater to your individual needs to make sure your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Direct Labels UK will work with you so that you only order the labels you need, incorporating multiple quantity requirements at the same time saving you money and storage as well as offering a full design service if needed.


We think you'll be impressed with their unique printing technique that brings depth and personality to labels for a difference that customers can see and feel.Call 0800 860 6915 for more info email:


or Click 'Say Hello' to visit their website 

  • FREE UK AM Delivery

  • Best Drinks Industry           Labels Supplier 2020

  • High Quality Digital        Labels & Stickers

  • Food Safe Labels

  • Peel & Reveal Labels

  • Free wet proofs and sample swatches

Design, Advertising & Web Services

Cude Design are a fully dedicated WordPress agency with a burning passion for the Hemp & CBD industry. We solve the many pain points facing companies when launching their own brand by helping with website building, as well as providing Search Engine Optimisation and Conversation Rate  Optimisation services to really help our clients get out of those starter blocks as soon as possible..

Having been established for nearly 13 years, we are one of the UK's leading WordPress agencies offering consultancy & digital marketing services to Cannabis & CBD companies. Fully integrable with WordPress, we utilise WooCommerce to create powerful eCommerce websites that you can easily manage.


Finding a payment gateway is one of the biggest hurdles when trying to sell CBD Oil online. We have partnerships with the best payment gateways in the UK & EU that integrate with our website builds.

  • WordPress Experts

  • eCommerce Set-Up

  • CBD Friendly Payment Gateways

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Website Hosting

The Dogs Creative are a Design & Digital Marketing agency based in Devon. To our clients we are more than that. We specialise in working with start-ups and scale-ups supporting and guiding strategy as well as producing beautiful graphic design assets. We deliver high quality branding, web design, digital marketing, content creation, digital design and print design. 


Over the years we have worked with a lot of established brands. Frustratingly there’s a lot of waffle within our industry which unnecessarily confuses clients. We like to keep things simple. Our ethos is to think around problems and design good solutions. We’re lean, open, approachable and easy to build a relationship with.


Being Westcountry based also keeps our overheads down which ensures our clients get great value for money. 


It all starts with a conversation. You talk, we listen and then propose the appropriate course of action.

  • UK Based

  • Award Winning Design

  • Start-ups & Scale-ups Specialist

  • Cost Effective

  • Experienced Team

  • Design & Digital Marketing Combined

Here at wecann, we're part of a bigger family that provides the Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing space with support and guidance.

Alongside our range of services, we have a marketplace platform that can help companies like yours get their life-changing products out into the world.

Our ultimate goal is to help bring high-quality products to the people who need them most.

Through our years in the industry, we've made connections designed to help us achieve that vision.

We've got access to a trusted and reliable payment gateway and great working relationships with cannabis and hemp friendly advertisers to help us spread awareness about your products and services.*

  • UK Based

  • Consultancy Services

  • Digital Marketing

  • Advertising & Markeing

  • Fulfilment & Distribution

R&D Rebate Facilitators

When it comes to R&D - you've got to know when you can get back what you put in, and who is best placed in the industry to help you recoup some of those expenses.


If you're a farmer, you've got to find the perfect strain for the climate as well as your soil type. If you're an extractor, you may have looked into different machinery and processes to make your extracts stand out above the rest. If you're a secondary producer, you'll be wanting to make sure that your products are separate from the crowd, stability tested and they test as advertised.


All of these areas are defined as R&D, and if you're based in the UK you may be in line for up to 33p per pound back for the last 2 years, and there are comparable rates worldwide which means Ayming have got you covered, regardless of what country your company operates from.


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  • Farm to shelf

  • COAs and Stability testing

  • Novel Foods costs 

  • Environmentally focused projects

  • Product development

  • Worldwide coverage

Import, Export & Fulfilment Services

International Trade Matters Ltd offers consultancy and training across sectors, geographies and disciplines. We are a leading independent consultancy for International Trade offering expert advice and support to companies engaged, or interested in, overseas connections or business. With a raft of super Specialists covering Devon and beyond we offer expert advice on new markets, compliance, and international marketing strategies, offering bespoke packages to ensure value and satisfaction. 

We advise companies on documentary issues and with gaining AEO and/or AE authorisations; provide Export Ready, Export Manager and Export Director services and conduct Export Audit checks to check for non-compliance.

As a small business members of the Institute of Export we have the most up to date and relevant knowledge of the way that trade is changing. 

  • Lean Globalisation, for those companies that want to secure and maximise the effectiveness of their supply chains

  • British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) accredited International Trade training

  • Advice and direction for targeting global markets

  • International PR

  • 121 Clinics and training


We are Global Logistics & Customs specialists; we work with businesses worldwide & have been specialising in Cannabis related products for over 3 years. We have a 100% success rate & have been championed by the many Cannabis trade bodies & legal entities for both our knowledge & solutions. We work with the UK's leading Cannabis Lawyer as the recommended shipping agents within this industry.

Our extensive knowledge on both global regulations & product legalities has positioned us to assist some of the world’s leading farms & brands get their products into overseas markets.

We are happy to assist any & all enquiries from bulk materials to finished products.



  • Air Freight

  • Ocean Freight

  • Road Freight

  • Food Industry

  • Warehousing & Fulfilment

We're a full-service fulfilment company that specialises in helping product manufacturers, brands and distributors thrive in the online and retail world by supporting the entire supply chain.

With the recent changes globally, many brands now prefer to focus on their marketing and business development. 


If you're looking for peace of mind, we can take care of getting your fantastic products to your customers.


With our help, you can get your products stored and organised in our warehouses - safe, secure, and ready to ship.

If you face issues with mishandling of goods, damaged goods, losses, lack of care and bad practices, we can help.

  • UK Based

  • Warehouse Facility

  • Discreet Packaging Available

  • Complete Order Management

  • Expert Handlers

Translation Services

All Things 420 provides professional English to Spanish translations for all type of businesses (seed shops, grow shops, vapor shops, CBD shops, etc.) in the cannabis/CBD sector at competitive prices.

We render your online content, blog, website, products, services, merchandise, information, or any other documents related to CBD and cannabis into Spanish (European), with our highly specialized translation services and specific knowledge of the industry.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, we help you communicate with your Spanish speaking audience from just £0.04 per word, so you can build a strong commercial relationship with overseas clients.

  • English to Spanish

  • Specialized Services

  • Competitive Prices

  • 10+ Years Experience

  • Fast Turnaround 

  • All Things Cannabis

Local to Global is a one-stop gateway for all your cultural, linguistic and branding requirements when exporting your products or services to other countries.


We help clients succeed through our core pillars; education, ambition and partnerships.


  • Education: We raise awareness and facilitate growth for export through cultural training, branding and translation.

  • Ambition: We inspire and give businesses the confidence to take their brand from local to global.

  • Partnerships: We create and grow a network of collaborators to add value to the exporting journey.


Our range of services include market briefings, intercultural management training, branding review & adaptation, website localisation, technical & commercial translation and bilingual customer service & support.

  • Over 40 Languages

  • Certified Specialist Translator

  • Cultural Training And Advice

  • Design And Translation Combined

  • In-House German and Spanish Expertise

  • 10+ years Experience

Education & Coaching

Chase Coaching

Awe - inspired by peoples limitless potential, I have spent 20 years working with clients’ to maximise their professional and personal performance. Sharing the latest findings from neuroscience as surprisingly simple and effective tools, I work in partnership so people can get the best out of the most amazing thing they have, their genius brains. Giving people everything they need to master the machinery of their minds I collaborate across all strategic levels.

I am also a consultant and trainer for MyThrive who offer on-demand professional support internationally. As well as being a co- founder of Amplenary, with Reena Dayal the Acting chair of the London branch of the institute of Directors and Stephanie Melodia who was just voted one of the top 20 most influential women in personal branding and marketing by Start- Up Magazine. This project is a leadership accelerator delivered online for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers to want to raise their game.

  • Apply the latest finding from neuroscience to allow people to get the BEST our of their thinking.

  • Share unique tools and strategies which effectively increase emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Use a combination of coaching and Transactional Analysis counselling

  • Use brain hacks to level up com’s skills making all collaborations more effective.

  • Deliver complex science in a fun, energizing and illuminating way

As the cannabis industry grows worldwide, the gap in cannabis knowledge grows with it. We are here to bridge that gap. Sativa Learning has been created to bring the world’s leading cannabis experts directly to you, in the form of online learning.


We have partnered with cannabis doctors, legal experts, scientists, specialist patient advocates and more to create accurate, relevant, and trustworthy e-learning content.


We are committed to providing students with the tools needed to cultivate a career in the cannabis industry. For entrepreneurs, job seekers and academics alike, our range of CPD accredited courses are the gold standard in cannabis learning.

Whether your goal is to grow and develop your team, become a more competent cannabis professional, advance your career, invest in the industry or to establish a new business, our courses will provide you with the expertise needed to thrive. Sativa Learning are dedicated to delivering trusted cannabis education by providing accredited courses for all avenues of the cannabis industry.

  • Accredited By The CPD Certification service

  • CBD Industry Professional Course

  • Medical Cannabis Course

  • Legal Content Approved By Cannabis Solicitors.

  • Video Learning  From Cannabis Experts


  • Certificate issued Upon Completeion

Extraction & Analytical Equipment

Since 1996, Accudyne has manufactured equipment tailored for the extraction of high value CBD, THC, terpenes and other herbal extracts using a Supercritical CO2 process.

CO2 has distinct advantages over the more conventional ethanol as a solvent because:

  • The equipment can be set to target specific extracts (With ethanol extraction the solvent dissolves everything in the hemp in one go, which then must be further separated)

  • The resultant extract is therefore of higher purity

  • The CO2 “solvent” is far less expensive and can be 100% recycled

  • The equipment runs completely automatically once set

  • Ethanol is highly flammable and so fire-suppressing infrastructure costs are eliminated

While our Supercube 1000+ is the launch-standard small-scale benchtop unit to get you started, we have the expertise to support your start-up, existing research plans and even perhaps your future ambition to launch into full (and potentially fully automated) production


Click “Say Hello” to start your conversation with us

  • UK Based Team 

  • Automated Targeted Extraction

  • Lab Scale To Volume Production

  • Tailored To Your Requirements

  • Purchase Or Lease Options


  • Global Reach.

If you would like further information on what we do, talk about our services or to feature in the Hemp Hound Directory.