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Alternative Services

Welcome to our 'Alternative Services' list, dedicated to connecting hemp and CBD companies with valuable service providers that cater to their specific needs.


Explore a curated collection of companies offering a range of beneficial services such as laboratory testing, R&D tax rebate facilitation, secure payment solutions, compliance consulting, and more.


Discover trusted partners who can support and enhance your operations in the hemp and CBD industry, helping you navigate the unique challenges and maximize your potential for success


Look out for the paw print, and click on them to know more about the companies with them

Business & Merchant Banking a specialist in all thing’s payments. Due to our unique setup, we can help find payment options and bank accounts in most sectors, including CBD. 


We work directly with multiple processors and providers which will save you time and hassle. Being experts we can give guidance on best practices so your business can thrive. We will work hard to get you competitive rates and terms. We don’t cut corners as we don’t want anything stopping your business from thriving. 


We will guide you through the setup and integration stages, we even have our own development team which can help integrate payment gateways, should you require it. 


Our advice is unbiased, we present options and possibilities in card payments, openbanking, payment gateways and business bank accounts. Advice and support is free.

  • Independent

  • Unbiased Advice

  • High Risk Banking, Merchant Accounts & Payment Gateways

  • Own Gateway Developmeent Team

  • PCI & Fraud Protection Support

  • Payment Management Ongoing


AL-BIOSERVICES area UKAS ACCREDITED TESTING LABORATORY working to ISO 17025,  providing a high quality, cost effective and accurate testing of the product, this is essential to ensure our customers the highest levels of quality, potency and purity.


We measure CBD levels using High Performance HPLC and GC-MS equipment. In addition to testing CBD levels in every batch of CBD oil we can analyse for microbiological contamination and residual solvents if needed. AL-BIOSERVICES are a UKAS accredited multi- disciplined testing laboratory , working to a 17025 Quality System.


We also offer CBD Stability testing on products. CBD stability testing is a quality control process that establishes accountability for a product’s expiration date, effectiveness and potency for the consumer. Have your products tested to be in line with performance stability for a manufacturing facility that adhere to the rigorous standards outlined by GMP

  • Full Accredited

  • Various Testing Formats Available

  • Consultancy & Analysis

  • Raw Material Sales & Sourcing

  • MSDS Management Services

  • Cosmetic, Vape Fluid, Nicotine & Other Testing Available


Our services encompass a variety of tests specialised to analyse a wide range of organic compounds including CBD, Residual solvents, and Terpenes used in the cosmetic and food industries.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced
analytical chemists work closely with the leading manufacturers in the Cannabinoid industry.

Founded in 1999, our business is focused on providing innovative, effective solutions to customers testing and quality requirements,
providing support within various industry sectors.

Contact one of our friendly team members today at

Mention The Hemp Hound Agency and get a 20% discount on all testing.

  • Cannabinoid Profile Testing

  • Terpene Profile Testing

  • Residual Solvent Testing 

  • Pesticidal Testing

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • Mycotoxin Analysis

Legal Services

Ince is an international law firm which is headquartered in London. Robert Jappie is a partner in the London office, specialising in Life Sciences and Cannabis Regulation for the UK and Europe. With the introduction of increased regulation for the UK CBD sector, Ince has become the go to firm for cutting edge legal advice and representation. 


Robert currently advises several CBD brands, Licensed Producers, and Medicinal Cannabis companies on the full range of regulatory and commercial issues that they face. In particular, Robert is an expert on Novel Food compliance, and he attending the European Commission in 2019 to make representations on behalf of the UK CBD industry.


If you are concerned about your compliance position or if you are facing enforcement action from the UK regulators then Ince can assist your company in defending such matters. The firm takes an aggressive approach to protect the business interest of their clients at all times. Whatever the issue may be, Ince will endeavour to find a solution.

  • CBD Product Regulation

  • Labelling, Packaging & Formulation Compliance

  • Novel Food Regulation & Trading Standards Enforcement

  • Cultivation License Applications

  • Import/Export Best Practice

  • Defence Against Regulatory Interventions & Police Investigations

Labels & Packaging

If you are looking for labels that sparkle and give the WOW factor then you need to get in touch with the award winning team at Direct Labels UK who are a leading supplier of high quality digital labels and stickers.


From commercial labels in longer print runs to pharmaceutical labelling, food safe labels, and more as well as specialising in PEEL AND REVEAL labels they can cater to your individual needs to make sure your products stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Direct Labels UK will work with you so that you only order the labels you need, incorporating multiple quantity requirements at the same time saving you money and storage as well as offering a full design service if needed.


We think you'll be impressed with their unique printing technique that brings depth and personality to labels for a difference that customers can see and feel.Call 0800 860 6915 for more info email:


or Click 'Say Hello' to visit their website 

  • FREE UK AM Delivery

  • Best Drinks Industry           Labels Supplier 2020

  • High Quality Digital        Labels & Stickers

  • Food Safe Labels

  • Peel & Reveal Labels

  • Free wet proofs and sample swatches

Design, Advertising & Web Services

Cude Design are a fully dedicated WordPress agency with a burning passion for the Hemp & CBD industry. We solve the many pain points facing companies when launching their own brand by helping with website building, as well as providing Search Engine Optimisation and Conversation Rate  Optimisation services to really help our clients get out of those starter blocks as soon as possible..

Having been established for nearly 13 years, we are one of the UK's leading WordPress agencies offering consultancy & digital marketing services to Cannabis & CBD companies. Fully integrable with WordPress, we utilise WooCommerce to create powerful eCommerce websites that you can easily manage.


Finding a payment gateway is one of the biggest hurdles when trying to sell CBD Oil online. We have partnerships with the best payment gateways in the UK & EU that integrate with our website builds.

  • WordPress Experts

  • eCommerce Set-Up

  • CBD Friendly Payment Gateways

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Website Hosting

Noo Brands is an all-in-one creative agency that helps businesses and individuals tell their stories by providing the creative experience to drive your brand ahead of the competition.

This success starts with collaboration. Working closely with our clients, we dig deep to create an innovative concept that delivers on vision, ideas, and strategy. Giving Brands a Visual Voice is what we do.


Looks do come first, and what is said follows! How do you want to look? And what do you want to say? Noo Brands helps you build a unique brand identity that’s creative, strategic, and ready for action. Visualise your voice and earn your customers’ attention.

Heavily involved in the Hemp & CBD industry, including branding, design, and marketing, we help companies navigate through the red tape, creating campaigns that are effective.

  • UK Based

  • Design & Branding

  • Digital Media & Video Marketing

  • Website design

  • Amazon Services

  • Fulfilment & Distribution

Here at wecann, we're part of a bigger family that provides the Cannabis, Hemp & Wellbeing space with support and guidance.

Alongside our range of services, we have a marketplace platform that can help companies like yours get their life-changing products out into the world.

Our ultimate goal is to help bring high-quality products to the people who need them most.

Through our years in the industry, we've made connections designed to help us achieve that vision.

We've got access to a trusted and reliable payment gateway and great working relationships with cannabis and hemp friendly advertisers to help us spread awareness about your products and services.*

  • UK Based

  • Consultancy Services

  • Digital Marketing

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Fulfilment & Distribution

Video Marketing

E-Video Agency are dedicated to businesses getting more visibility online. We do this by not only giving you a system to collect more reviews but also having a way to reach out to the reviewer if they are about to post a negative review in order to turn them into a positive.

We also give your customer the option of leaving a video testimonial which are a very powerful way to share the enthusiasm of your satisfied customers in order to get more leads.

On top of that we also have a video portal where we give you access to over 1,200 templates to make stunning short videos to make your business stand out and provide training on how to make and share the ones you create.

If you don't want to get involved in the creation of the videos we are happy to make them for you and offer a range of different styles for you to choose from including animated, whiteboard and traditional style adverts.

  • UK Based

  • eVideo Production Platform

  • Collection Of Both Written And Video Testimonials

  • Protect You Business From Negative Reviews

  • Videos  Made To Order 

  • Regular Webinar Training

  • Networking Opportunities

Social Media Advertising

At BoundlessPotential, we are passionate about online marketing and the change it has made on the world. Upon recognising the potential in the new age of marketing the team at BoundlessPotential have helped build multiple businesses CBD and non-CBD by using paid and organic marketing techniques to take their brand to the next level.

Our goal is to not only get your ads up and running but have them run efficiently so that we can increase the sales of your CBD products.

We have a detailed Our Work section on our website where you can see some of our client's and the work we have done for them.

  • UK Based

  • Ad Spend Based Fees

  • Hands Off Experience

  • Friendly Team Available 24/7

  • Money Back Guarantee If Ads Don't Run 

  • Experience In CBD Product Advertising

  • Results Driven Team

R&D Rebate Facilitators

Apogee are values driven R&D tax credit specialists with an entirely client-centric approach and an uncompromising focus on quality. Through their unique process, the team at Apogee have established a true 100% success rate across over 600 applications, generating millions in benefit to their clients.

The team have experience across numerous sectors, including agriculture, digital marketing, manufacturing and data science, to name a few. Unlike many R&D consultancies, Apogee don’t expect their clients to know which of their projects, or costs, qualify for R&D relief. Instead, the team take a hands on approach and guide clients through every step of the process to ensure all eligible activities, and expenditure, are identified and properly presented to HMRC.


Apogee’s clients receive among the best net benefit in the industry, through the most streamlined client-centric process; this has ensured every review received is 5*.

  • No Lock-in Contracts

  • 100% Success Rate

  • Fully contingent Fee Structure, payable when Clients receive their benefit 

  • No forms to fill In or projects to write up, Apogee do all the work

  • In-house experts work on every application

  • Free reviews of existing R&D applications 

  • Carbon negative; 100 trees planted and up to £500 donated to the protection of rainforests for every application

Import, Export & Fulfilment Services

International Trade Matters Ltd offers consultancy and training across sectors, geographies and disciplines. We are a leading independent consultancy for International Trade offering expert advice and support to companies engaged, or interested in, overseas connections or business. With a raft of super Specialists covering Devon and beyond we offer expert advice on new markets, compliance, and international marketing strategies, offering bespoke packages to ensure value and satisfaction. 

We advise companies on documentary issues and with gaining AEO and/or AE authorisations; provide Export Ready, Export Manager and Export Director services and conduct Export Audit checks to check for non-compliance.

As a small business members of the Institute of Export we have the most up to date and relevant knowledge of the way that trade is changing. 

  • Lean Globalisation, for those companies that want to secure and maximise the effectiveness of their supply chains

  • British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) accredited International Trade training

  • Advice and direction for targeting global markets

  • International PR

  • 121 Clinics and training

Translation Services

Local to Global is a one-stop gateway for all your cultural, linguistic and branding requirements when exporting your products or services to other countries.


We help clients succeed through our core pillars; education, ambition and partnerships.


  • Education: We raise awareness and facilitate growth for export through cultural training, branding and translation.

  • Ambition: We inspire and give businesses the confidence to take their brand from local to global.

  • Partnerships: We create and grow a network of collaborators to add value to the exporting journey.


Our range of services include market briefings, intercultural management training, branding review & adaptation, website localisation, technical & commercial translation and bilingual customer service & support.

  • Over 40 Languages

  • Certified Specialist Translator

  • Cultural Training And Advice

  • Design And Translation Combined

  • In-House German and Spanish Expertise

  • 10+ years Experience

Education & Coaching

Chase Coaching

Awe - inspired by peoples limitless potential, I have spent 20 years working with clients’ to maximise their professional and personal performance. Sharing the latest findings from neuroscience as surprisingly simple and effective tools, I work in partnership so people can get the best out of the most amazing thing they have, their genius brains. Giving people everything they need to master the machinery of their minds I collaborate across all strategic levels.

I am also a consultant and trainer for MyThrive who offer on-demand professional support internationally. As well as being a co- founder of Amplenary, with Reena Dayal the Acting chair of the London branch of the institute of Directors and Stephanie Melodia who was just voted one of the top 20 most influential women in personal branding and marketing by Start- Up Magazine. This project is a leadership accelerator delivered online for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers to want to raise their game.

  • Apply the latest finding from neuroscience to allow people to get the BEST our of their thinking.

  • Share unique tools and strategies which effectively increase emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Use a combination of coaching and Transactional Analysis counselling

  • Use brain hacks to level up com’s skills making all collaborations more effective.

  • Deliver complex science in a fun, energizing and illuminating way


As the cannabis industry grows worldwide, the gap in cannabis knowledge grows with it. We are here to bridge that gap. Sativa Learning has been created to bring the world’s leading cannabis experts directly to you, in the form of online learning.


We have partnered with cannabis doctors, legal experts, scientists, specialist patient advocates and more to create accurate, relevant, and trustworthy e-learning content.


We are committed to providing students with the tools needed to cultivate a career in the cannabis industry. For entrepreneurs, job seekers and academics alike, our range of CPD accredited courses are the gold standard in cannabis learning.

Whether your goal is to grow and develop your team, become a more competent cannabis professional, advance your career, invest in the industry or to establish a new business, our courses will provide you with the expertise needed to thrive. Sativa Learning are dedicated to delivering trusted cannabis education by providing accredited courses for all avenues of the cannabis industry.

  • Accredited By The CPD Certification service

  • CBD Industry Professional Course

  • Medical Cannabis Course

  • Legal Content Approved By Cannabis Solicitors.

  • Video Learning  From Cannabis Experts


  • Certificate issued Upon Completeion

Blog & Copywriting Services

Clear Conscious Creative (1).png

Hi, I'm Franco, and I Specialize in writing conversional copy for Hemp & Cannabis companies! Are you ready to skyrocket your leads and sales from your website?


My specialty is writing wholesome, in-depth blog posts that help businesses in the Legal Hemp Wellness space to grow & get more engagement by creating rich & diverse educational canna-curated content! My role is to voice educational information for business owners, business founders, farmers & executives! Successfully helping businesses grow through wholesome, in-depth blog posts that help companies in the cannabis wellness space to get noticed. I create clear, conscious content that resonates with the canna-curious, helping canna-businesses and the global wellness community by dissolving delusions & prejudice around cannabis & Hemp by educating your new and current customers!


If you are looking for in-depth, clear-cut blog posts or content creation then get in touch today. 

  • Get More Leads!

  • Build a Stronger Brand

  • Gain Industry Authority

  • Help improve your site SEO

  • Drive higher traffic to your website

  • And win more customers through fresh, new & educational content!

Extraction & Analytical Equipment

Since 1996, Accudyne has manufactured equipment tailored for the extraction of high value CBD, THC, terpenes and other herbal extracts using a Supercritical CO2 process.

CO2 has distinct advantages over the more conventional ethanol as a solvent because:

  • The equipment can be set to target specific extracts (With ethanol extraction the solvent dissolves everything in the hemp in one go, which then must be further separated)

  • The resultant extract is therefore of higher purity

  • The CO2 “solvent” is far less expensive and can be 100% recycled

  • The equipment runs completely automatically once set

  • Ethanol is highly flammable and so fire-suppressing infrastructure costs are eliminated

While our Supercube 1000+ is the launch-standard small-scale benchtop unit to get you started, we have the expertise to support your start-up, existing research plans and even perhaps your future ambition to launch into full (and potentially fully automated) production


Click “Say Hello” to start your conversation with us

  • UK Based Team 

  • Automated Targeted Extraction

  • Lab Scale To Volume Production

  • Tailored To Your Requirements

  • Purchase Or Lease Options


  • Global Reach.

If you would like further information on what we do, talk about our services or to feature in the Hemp Hound Directory.

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