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Hemp Hound TV - 12/03/23 - The MHRA's 10 deaths from CBD, and more...

With Cefyn Jones and Adrian Sheppard

After the MHRA's yellow card stats we highlighted the other week, we look into how legitimate they are when applied to Food Supplemental grade products.

We also ask whether GW/Jazz Pharmaceuticals have shot themselves in the foot with the comments they released in regards to that data, and whether the MHRA's data is in fact for medicinal products like Epidiolex and Sativex.

Past there we take a little look into the FSA's recent response into their tendered contract to independently review Novel Food Regulations, which was awarded to Deloitte, who in turn have connections to GW/Jazz and British sugar.

In what context are they 'independent', and why did the FSA choose not to announce the contract when it was released on 03/10/22, or who won it until 15/02/23?

We've got this and more, as well as a shout out to our new and renewing members.

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