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Catch up with The Hemp Hound Agency

Hello folks, I trust that you're all well!

Some of you may have noticed that I've been busy of late, that because lots of things have been happening since March of this year, and it all focuses around Novel Foods. So much so in fact that I've felt the need to start questioning the intent of certain associations, companies and government agencies.

Many issues have been highlighted in that time, including:

  • Validated companies not having products on sale at key FSA deadlines

  • The FSA and Paul Tossall ignoring proof from more than one company that shows some validated companies did not have products at those key deadline days

  • The need for safety assessments and appropriate labelling for synthetic cannabinoid products

  • The 'policing' that is being carried out by the ACI, which going unchecked by the FSA

  • The relationship that may or may not exist between FSA and ACI

  • The lack of communication between the FSA and the industry as a whole

  • GW/Jazz Pharmaceuticals influence on CBD (16 lab reports with no competition, 147 patents with many for combinations of controlled cannabinoids, and their submission to parliament proclaiming their 20+ year strong working relationship with the HO, that controlled cannabinoids are dangerous, and that CBD needs 'more' political direction)

Whilst some of these points are 'historic', all of them are now more than ever being rammed down your throats.

That's not by me by the way, I'm one of the few that is trying to warn the industry that if these things go unchecked, then bye bye industry... except for those validated companies of course.

Nope, it's by the powers that be, who're preprograming you with their intentions, by giving you hints of what's to come by dismissing complaints, whilst offering subtle suggestions that abandoning HMS Cannabidiol might be in yours and your hairlines best interests.

I cannot, and will not accept that!

This is why I've made a bit of a noise, and by that, I mean I've written a few article that are focused, with the intention of delivering them as well as the results of an industry Poll on 'Confidence in the FSA and their handling of Novel Foods' to the FSA's very own (email) doorstep. Not the Novel Foods department though, they are cc'd in but they have a history of brushing off concerns, so I delivered all of my information to the FSA Board, who're currently holding a stakeholders meeting.

In that information, I have called for an investigation into Paul Tossall on the grounds of dismissing complaints that provided evidence of wrongdoing, I further called for an investigation into the running of Novel Foods, as well as the staff who would have signed off evidence from validated companies.

I have also called for a scrapping of Novel Foods at the very least for Full and Broad Spectrum products, and for a tailored safety assessment and appropriate labelling for synthetic cannabinoids.

As for those validated companies who have provided 'evidence' to suggest they had products available pre-13/02/2020, Paul Tossall has suggested that it is a very serious offence to mislead the FSA, but I have indicated to the FSA board that surely it's a more serious offence for the head of Novel Foods to dismiss evidence in complaints that shows validated companies may have faked evidence to become validated... so we'll see how that goes.

14 days, that is how long the FSA Board state they will take to answer any questions submitted for their stakeholder meetings.

29th of June, if they do reply on time.

Will this go anywhere?

Well I'd like to think that the FSA know whatever reply they give will be shared with the industry as a whole, and not just The Hemp Hound Membership.

I've made some pretty bold statements, which can't exactly be ignored. There will be some sort of answer, which in an ideal world would be along the line of 'a temporary suspension of Novel Foods pending a full investigation into the FSA's handling of the process'.

If that comes about, we'll find out whether fraudulent evidence was provided by some validated companies to suggest that they had products available before 13/02/2020, and whether that evidence was scrutinised appropriately by a FSA caseworker. There's no middle ground on this whatsoever, Brains Bioceuticals is the case and point for that. Validated before products were available in the UK, and their Novel approved range is still yet to be launched.

Further to that, there should be some sort of response in regards to synthetic cannabinoids. I mean, you can't say 'that which comes from a plant is more hazardous than a synthetic facsimile' and not expect anyone to question that, let alone me, which is pretty much what Paul Tossall did in the linked article.

If all that unravels, there should be a wider focus on the other complaints that have been raised: ACI activity, ACI and FSA relationships, GW/Jazz 16 Lab reports, why CoT dismissed WHO data in favour of those lab reports from one company, and why the HO is insisting on giving GW/Jazz control over the CBD supplemental food industry.

Will any of that happen?

It's a good question, which I'm hesitant to even offer a best guess on, so let me tell you what my intentions are should I get fobbed off.

Next, and regardless of any reply, I've got a consumer poll planned, which will address the key points in the industry poll I conducted where there is a focus on product dynamics and consumer safety. I believe the consumer needs to know more about synthetic CBD products, and the fact that the FSA doesn't see this gives me a cold judder inside. I've asked them to reaffirm to me what the actual benefits are to the consumer in regards to Novel Foods, their reply to that vs their stance on synthetic CBD products would be very interesting to scrutinise.

I also plan to keep supplying the CMA with relevant data until they feel they have enough to warrant some sort of investigation, I'm sure there's a few connections yet to be identified, and I will of course relay any significant findings that shows any questionable intent upon the hemp and CBD industry as a whole by the 4 amigos (GW, HO, FSA, ACI).

In the meantime though, I've got a business to run, and being a one man band means that some aspects of The Hemp Hound Agency have been held up. This balance will now be addressed with this month's Directory push scheduled for tomorrow.

Whilst I do that and we wait for the FSA's reply, I need to ask you 2 favours.

First off, please sign my petition to remove all influence held by GW/Jazz Pharmaceuticals on cannabis outside of the realms of medicines. They do not own the plant, and HO have no right to 'give' them what they shouldn't even have control over. Remember, cannabis laws were formed from racist intent, it was a food before a medicine, we have an Endo Cannabinoid System that needs feeding, and we have the right to life (Art 2 '98 HRA). The only reason why it's still illegal now is to help people line their pockets by getting political friends to restrict access until medicinal need.

Secondly, if you have in anyway been targeted by the ACI and the reasons are unjustified, please read this short article called 'Drop the bomb', which supplies an email address and complaint reference code for the CMA. Write down your experience, and send it to the CMA with the reference code in the subject bar, asking for your email to be submitted as evidence to this case that focuses of the anti-competitive actions of the ACI, as well as GW, HO and FSA.

Past there, we wait, and I'll be getting back to the day job of being a signposting & advisory service.

In the meantime, keep positive, catch you soon, and remember to keep fighting for the good 'erb!


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