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New beginnings: Welcome to The Hemp Hound!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The new agency for Hemp & CBD companies trading in the UK legal cannabis markets.

A new specialist Hemp & CBD agency has been launched by Cefyn Jones, designed to assist companies trading in the UK's legal cannabis industry with a number of business related services.

“After almost 3 years of helping out hundreds of companies, I wanted to offer people in the industry a more bespoke and tailored approach to their needs. I'm a hands on kind of guy and am passionate about the industry, the businesses I work with and helping them to navigate the ever changing landscape that is the UK hemp market.”

New beginnings

Husband and wife team Cefyn and Kirsty have created the Hemp Hound, a cannabis industry agency with the aim to help companies who are actively trading in the UK hemp and CBD markets or those looking to become part of this exciting and ever growing industry.

Cefyn has a long and interesting relationship with cannabis and a huge appreciation of what this amazing plant can offer, from the multitude of environmental benefits right through to clothing, foods and medicines. In his time in the industry he has advised on many topics from import/export questions, enquiries into hemp farming, recommending reputable CBD wholesalers through to suggestion on product development and contacts for white label opportunities. Cefyn has also written articles for trade publications as well as more consumer focused titles such as the popular Cannabis Culture magazine. Cefyn is known to be an active communicator and has developed extensive contacts from all areas of the cannabis industry.

“Contacts are key, and if you can get your contacts to work together only good things will come. That's what Hemp Hound is all about, being able to help a manageable number of clients who have that go between who knows who's doing what, is up to date with key industry news and who's best placed to help unlock doors to better sales”

Kirsty's background comes from over 25 years in successful Sales and Business Development, having worked for small start-up businesses through to major blue chip brands to increase sales and profitability. Within that time, Kirsty also spent a number of years specialising in Advertising and Promotions for local and national lifestyle brands. She brings a broad range of skills and practical advice on a number of topics including account management, increasing sales, lead generation, team leadership and marketing strategy. Having also been a Director of several other companies, she has a keen business acumen and logical approach to business and is always there to offer direction, help and advice where needed.

“Hemp Hound offers a range of services designed to help facilitate business growth within the UK Hemp & Cannabis industry, it's about helping find solutions to people's individual needs from being introduced to a key contact through to helping arrange promotional opportunities to raise a new brand's awareness, Hemp Hound is here to help”

The Hemp Hound agency offers a retained service for clients that want regular support, advice and assistance, as well as a more ad-hoc service for those needing more short-term solutions to their business needs. The Hemp Hound B2B Directory is also another great place to find a supplier or to showcase what your business has to offer.

To get in touch or to find out more about the Hemp Hound range of services click here


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