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The Hemp Hound Reset!

When I launched The Hemp Hound Agency the intention was to be a signposting and advisory service that runs a promoted directory. If anything I've exceeded my initial remit by getting involved in regulatory affairs, and stepping into a role that would be more reflective of a trade association.

This was never my intention, but when you only see The Canna-Consultants, the Scottish Hemp Association and CannaPro asking questions, you've got to wonder where everyone else is?

There's not one single trade association, organisation or consultancy outside of the three above that I'm aware of who is actively pointing out the wider issues that surrounds Novel Foods, which is interesting when there's 100's of companies who are fed up to the back teeth with it, are close to a financial breaking point because of it, and they can blatantly see that there's a lack of consideration for those who have followed the rules when they see products in the FSA's public list either awaiting evidence or validated that simple should not be on there.

The good news is that this isn't one of 'those posts', this one for a change is all about The Hemp Hound Agency, and how I'm pushing forwards from here.

Let's start with the FSA

I've kindly been afforded an opportunity by the FSA to discuss my public interest disclosure against the FSA's handling of Novel foods, this will be held on 30/11/20 by Zoom. The details of the complaint can be found in the file below.

Public Interest Disclosure, CJ to the FSA
Download PDF • 8.65MB

I'd like to think that there is an easing of tensions here, they know that I'm not going anywhere, and I respect that each and every person I talk to is not necessarily part of the complaint.

I feel I've got to say that Mr S, who is dealing with my complaint, Mr J who recently answered some questions in regards to cold press hemp oil and the lady who corrected a statement from Mr J have all been polite and patient, which is all I can ask for.

I'd like to think that this might be the start of a better line of communication between us, and it will be accepted that the only time I contact them will be to raise legitimate industry concerns.

Whilst we wait for that to conclude, we're adding a new dynamic!

Hemp Hound TV, it's something that I've wanted to do for a bit as it's convenient on 2 levels.

Whilst I love writing, my dyslexia means that my articles take a lot of time and effort to create, so being able to drop small "what's happening" videos with a monthly round up takes a bit of weight off my shoulders whilst bringing a new dynamic to the mix.

The flipside of this is that there are many company owners who don't have the time to read my articles, so bite size videos works for them as well.

A win win situation!

This allows me to cover more topics than just current affairs, and offers a platform for interviews with key people in the industry as well as some of the service providers who are members of The Hemp Hound Agency to explain how their services can help companies save money, and operate more smoothly.

As for the monthly round up, this will be run through Patreon, it will be initially open to subscribers only, and will discuss the hot topics that are the flavour of the month. After 2 weeks the video will then be made available on The Hemp Hound Agency's website through this portal

And what about the directory?

It's not gone anywhere, I've just been learning how to juggle the directory with the fact that I've also been busy doing what trade associations should be doing, such as questioning the state of the industry so far, and reporting that back to the industry as a whole.

The directory itself is there to be used by everyone who is looking for goods and services within the hemp and CBD industry, and it could lead to you finding that one person who can help you take your company to the next level.

All of the categories to the left have companies listed that are able to offer something different, for example it's very rare that you will find 2 farmers in the UK who focus in exactly the same area.

That's the whole point of the directory, choice as well as providing a balance to the products and services that are available to those who use it.

And that in essence is the keyword for this article... balance!

The Directory day from this point is the first of every month regardless of what day it lands, and Hemp Hound TV will start before that.

I'm also happy to announce that the 'Ask the ...' series of FAQ's has been launched, with the first edition asking the FSA about cold press hemp oil, article 4's and the right to display a cannabinoid content as nutritional information. The next edition will be Ask the MHRA, and will focus on key concerns within their sphere of influence.

Past there...

It's all about resetting up my stall, and still fighting the good fight whilst remembering what my function is, and that's to be a signposting and advisory service for the UK hemp and CBD industry.

It's all about the journey

And we walk that path together, so why don't we team up? It's a good call if you feel that this industry needs another champion, and another voice of reason.

If you are interested in joining and supporting The Hemp hound Agency, it only costs £385 for the year, and it comes with some great perks such as:

  • Unlimited directory entries for your company, and promotion on a month by month basis

  • A members page should the directory not be of interest

  • A free introduction blog

  • Access to The Hemp Hound Hotline

  • Advice and direction on all topics related to the UK hemp and CBD industry

  • Email alerts for all released articles and Hemp Hound TV content

Does that sound like a worthwhile setup to be a part of? If it's a yes from you, feel free to contact via email to, or ring 07456528813


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