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The Hemp Hound Directory & Farmers Market Day

A catch up on what's going on in the CBD Industry from Hemp Hound HQ.

What a mental ride the last few months have been, I can only imagine what it's been like for everyone else, but THANK GOODNESS that trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had finished!

I'm not taking sides, they both have things to work out, but what I saw on TV was cringeworthy on a level I've never witnessed before.

For a second, I almost forget about Novel Foods...

Actually, come to think of it, do you know anyone who might be doing a boxset of the trial? Asking for a friend 😉😅


I know, we haven't gone anywhere, but it's great to focus on The Hemp Hound Directory again instead of writing scathing articles to throw at people who don't listen to industry concerns, so here we go!

We have 2 new companies:

First is Flora Fusion, who are based in Glasgow and have been trading since 2016.

They have a whole array of oils for all occasions, as well as balms, pastes, pet products and capsules.

Flora Fusion are not just established, but trusted. Over the time that they have been in operation, they've been able to ensure customer satisfaction which is reflected in their 4.9 stars on Trustpilot over 6 years

The listing for Flora will be up shortly, and you will be able to find them on the Wholesale Suppliers. White Label, and Specialist Suppliers lists. Until then, you can find out more by clicking here.

Next up is a company who just joined as things were getting overtaken by Novel Foods, Apogee Associates R&D.

Some people are still uncertain as to what qualifies as R&D expenditure, which is why I'm re-highlighting Apogee.

You know Novel Foods costs qualify for R&D costs, right? All those lab reports that cover every relevant area: Toxicology, stability, cannabinoid profile, microbial, pesticidal, heavy metals, etc... You can claim back on all of that and more

The UK is the 2nd best R&D rebate provider in the world, and the hemp & CBD industry is full of innovative companies who all need to ensure that their products stay safe and stable, which is in effect R&D!

If you would like to know more, Apogee offer free assessments, and they also offer second opinions on constructed R&D claims to ensure you are getting the best return passible. Click here for details, or email or and ask for a chat. You can also find Apogee on the Alternative Service Providers list

Now for renewals

Bnatural are back for a second year, and they've expanded their range to include some nice little goodies.

Of course I'm not going to tell you that they have expanded their range of cold pressed products, added hemp pet treats OR got some amazing chocolates, you'll just have to click here to check out their entire product range in all it's glory!

On top of the excellent product quality, and the hint of Welsh-ness that comes with their customer services, you'd be forgive for thinking that this family run business wouldn't have time to do anything else, but they also run a packageless shop in Tewksbury, where you can pop in and order a wide range of wholefoods, as well as their award winning hemp and CBD products.

For more information, you can click here, or you can find Bnatural on the Wholesale Suppliers, White Label, Specialist Suppliers and Wholefoods lists.

CBD Ultra are back, as are Green Times Brewing.

CBD Ultra are another one of those companies who have been established in the industry for a number of years, and they have an extensive product portfolio to reflect that.

It's hard to isolate a companies key product when they have so many excellent products to choose from.

With a wide range of oral, cosmetic and vape products, their offering even extends one step further to a range of exceptional CBD Infused IPA's via Green Times Brewing.

You can find CBD Ultra on the Wholesale and White Label and Specialist Suppliers lists, and you can also find Green Times Brewing in the Specialist Suppliers list.

Hannabis/Strange Apothecary has renewed, which is awesome because there needs to be that little hint of magic around when it comes to Hemp and CBD products.

Whilst there is no 'eye of newt' in sight, they have all the potions you need, all lovingly prepared with a hint of sparkle.

Hannabis Strange Apothecary has an array of Hemp and CBD products for all occasions, and also has a sister brand called Instant Janes that offers 420 Friendly products.

You can find Hannabis listed on the Wholesale list, and Instant Janes in the 420 Friendly Suppliers list.

Sweden is our next port of call, with the excellent HerbMed, who are able to supply UK spec oral and cosmetic products.

They are also stockists of fine hemp flowers and CBD hash, and are able to supply companies and consumers in countries where it is legal to be used.

They also have a great range of vape fluids, live resin carts, and all the hardware you need to enjoy the great flavours they have on offer.

Herbmed are in the process of completing a UK arm, so if you want to have access to their great range of products, you will get them far quicker through the UK's domestic postal service.

You can find HerbMed on the Wholesale and 420 Friendly Suppliers lists.

Next comes Brighton's own Mindful Extracts, who bring the ultimate package for those looking for a bit of Self Care.

Their cosmetic and supplemental ranges include products from all herbal backgrounds as well as hemp and CBD, so there's something for everyone.

This is not something I would say often, but their bath bombs look good enough to eat!!!

If the bath bombs are as good as I say, imagine how awesome their other products are! You can find all their entire range here, or through the Wholesale, White Label, and Specialist Suppliers lists.

The last renewal for the hemp and CBD focused companies also kicks of the renewals for Alternative Service Providers.

Soft Botanic Extraction have renewed, as have Naturally Pure Lab. These companies offer a whole different package of products and services, they are recognised by the FSA as a manufacturer of Novel Exempt products, and they are also licensed by the HO to process UK grown hemp through cold pressing on site due to them having a mobile processing facility.

They both offer cold pressed products and services, which effectively gives you access to a product that was 'grown and processed in the UK'.

You can find Soft Botanic Extraction on the Specialist Suppliers and Farms and Related Services List, and you can find Naturally Pure Labs in the Wholesale and White Label List.

How many cannabinoids do you like to check for in your products, 12, 18, 20 maybe?

Enter IFS-Labs, who have renewed for a second year and are able to test for 24 cannabinoids, should you feel the need for it.

And it's a good job too, we're all waiting for updates on controlled cannabinoid levels from the HO, which I'm happy to say that IFS are ready for. Not just on the basis of the cannabinoids they can test for, but also because they're able to employ all the relevant testing processes to ensure that your products are absolutely as intended.

IFS-Labs are currently working towards getting a controlled substances testing license, which means that they will soon be able to offer testing solutions for those who high THC growing licenses.

You can find IFS-Labs here, or in the Alternative Service Providers list under the Labs subsection.

Last on the list is the fantastic International Trade Matters, who offer a whole range of services whilst having their main focus as an Import/Export consultancy service.

If you're shipping, you need to know about harmonised import codes, tariffs, appropriate carriers and so much more, this is where ITM can help as well as being able to keep you abreast of any movements or requires that maybe on the horizon.

ITM also offer further services, which includes fund finding, international PR, and Lean Globalisation for companies who want to secure and maximise the effectiveness of their supply chains

You can find International Trade Matters here, or on the Alternative Service Providers list.

Next up, The Farmers Market.

Ok folks, it's partly into this years growing cycle, and all the farmers are busy in the fields.

I've got to say - give me a few acres, a straw hat and some seed to work the land, and I'd be happy, which is why I'm assuming every farmer in The Hemp Hound Agency are awesome and ready to help you out with your needs.

This is not a Hemp Hound member farmer, although I assume this is how they all wake up in the morning.

Cannabiosfera has a large amount of hemp flower available in Spain, which is available for any company with an EU that resides in a country where the laws allow for its purchase.

The also have a large amount of that biomass processed, and have a large quantity of cosmetic grade CBG rich oil for sale.

Hempen have a large amount of hemp flour available.

You will be able to get in contact with Hempen to ensure that you can get an early order in for this years harvest, which will allow for a large amount of organic seeds and other derived products

Taunton Hemp Company still have some raw unprocessed hemp fibre bails available, as well as organically grown Henola seed

They too are preparing for the end of this growing season, so you can get in contact early to pre-order any raw ingredients and materials that they normally have on offer

Venus Hemp are also waiting for this years harvest, but they do still have a quantity of hemp protein powder for sale, as well as hemp flour.

They atoo re also able to take advanced bookings on the basis of this years harvest.

Zenon Hemp Farm are specialists in tea, they grow a good amount of Finola and Futura every year to ensure their current customers have access to the best finely chopped hemp out there.

If you're looking for someone to help you unlock the hemp tea market, this father and son team will happily see to all your needs.

Don't forget!!!


If you're going to buy anything in bulk orders, sometimes you'll need the peace of mind in knowing you can get those products 3rd party tested by Labs who are 100% independent of any company, supplier or manufacturer. That's why we're happy to be working with IFS-Labs and AL-Bioservices, who both offer excellent services and quick turn around times from receiving your samples, to sending you the results.

And now for the news

First off, internal news. We'll be changing 'The Jobs Board' to a 'Consultants page' in the next few days. This is so you can have quick access to people who are specialists in their fields to help you grow your business in whatever way and direction you have in mind.

Now for the wider news. I was on ABC of CBD yesterday being interviewed by Oliver Mammon (of Taylor Mammon fame) and his producer Russ Kane.

Many topics were touched on, which included what The Hemp Hound Agency was all about, as well as the results of the poll recently conducted by the agency into the confidence levels in the FSA and their handling of the Novel Foods process.

The poll in question can be found here, and I'd just like to touch on what has happened in the in the last few months that led me to creating that poll.

Many have seen me about in the industry now for over 6 years, ask anyone and they'd say that it's a long time for what is still a young market to be in.

Most of that time has been spent directing companies towards connections, guidelines, alternative service providers, and a lot more past there. Basically, in business terms, I'm that mate who knows lots of people, has a fair level of (hempy) knowledge to know exactly what you're talking about, and probably knows one or two people who can help you take a vision one step closer to being a reality.

That level of interaction has made me a lot of friends, which in turn has led me to be able to hear many opinions of how the hemp and CBD industry is evolving. Unfortunately, and certainly since the end of March this year, most of those opinions have turned to frustrations, and in some cases, fear that raising certain issues could get them targeted by the FSA, or by other entities.

Over the last 3 months, I've written some very critical articles that examine the reasons for those fears and frustrations, which ultimately led to The Hemp Hound Agency conducting that industry poll. The results in that poll are not far away from the reflection I get from concerned companies, which is also echoed by those companies who have analysed the final results.

Just in case you've missed the link, the poll results I'm referring to can be found here, please do have a look at them, the FSA should be replying soon, and I'll let you know when they do.


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