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Cannabis vs C***D

There's things you need to know.

You know this virus that's been lingering about for a couple of years now, and how the world's spun on it's head in all that time?

Well throughout the entirety of the craziness, I've always been very enthusiastic about the potential of cannabinoids to get us through these dark times, because I believe that the good plant has always had our backs, and I would like to believe that what I'm about to share with you will show why I believe that trust was well founded.

But before I share this content, I've a responsibility to state the obvious. I am not a medical professional, nor do I pretend to be. That being said, I've worked in the Hemp and CBD industry for some time now, and my association with cannabis extends over 2 decades. My faith in the plant during this time extends beyond the belief that a topped up Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) is the answer to our prayers, although that by itself is always useful for boosting the immune system.

Let me take you back to early 2020, when Covid was still viewed as 'on the other side of the world'. There was a level of nervousness in the UK even then to the point that at the Hemp & CBD Expo (29/02-01/03), some face-masks were already being worn, and elbows were being 'bumped' instead of the customary hand shake.

The 'New Normal'?

I remember being at that show, and due to there being a 'heavy night' before I was turning around to people in the morning saying “don't worry, it's a smokers cough. It's not Covid” half jokingly, but equally with an underlying level of anxiety.

But this was where I started to muse about the effectiveness of cannabis vs Covid, two days before the Expo a study was released which showed that the cannabinoid known as Cannabigerol (CBG) has antibiotic potential to the point of being able to deal with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in infected mice.

Visualisation of MRSA

You don't need a PhD to know that this is quite impressive, it was reported at the time that we are on the verge of an 'antibiotic crisis', and we've all heard how nasty MRSA can be. So if any non-toxic, naturally sourced compound is discovered that can effectively deal with this 'Super Bug', surely it has to be embraced by the medical community even if it was derived from an unjustly prohibited plant, right?

This adds to the portfolio of cannabis end uses, we know there's evidence to show that it can help with a multitude of medical conditions, and that through history cannabis has fed and clothed us. There are studies that suggest that the plant as a whole can do wonderful things, but to isolate a singular cannabinoid and have it recognised by science through studies to be an effective replacement for existing antibiotics that are rapidly becoming in-effective... that to me is up there with giving epileptic kids a fit free life!

When I came across this report, I was amazed. I remember talking to a few friends and colleagues about it, and whilst it was pointed out that there's a difference between viruses and bacteria, I was confident that there was another gift yet to come from the good 'erb.

That gift came from our good friend Cannabidiol (CBD), nearly one year after the study on CBG was released it was reported that Klagenfurt hospital in Austria had been treating patients successfully on their Covid wards with a 300mg CBD oil administered over three weeks.

Klagenfurt hospital

“We have seen that the inflammation parameters in the blood go down, and people leave the hospital faster than the comparison group. CBD supports the immune system,” said Rudolf Likar, Head of Intensive Care at Klagenfurt Clinic, for Radio Kärnten.

A little over a month after that revelation, another came straight off the bat (no pun intended). A study by The University of Chicago concluded that a cannabis plant compound inhibited infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in human lung cells. That compound of course is CBD, and over the course of 33 days it had been shown as being effective for post viral recovery, and as a potential virus blocker.

Chicago University

These studies materialised 4 months after the first administration of a Covid vaccine in the UK, which until 2023 are deemed as experimental and under trial. Whilst a level of human trials had been done with CBD and that there was a history of safe consumption through the UK Food Supplemental market, it seems that a vaccine that involve a level of genetic engineering was preferred over a natural compound that also helps to reinforce the immune system.

So what have we seen since the oversight of a potential natural alternative? That depends on how you interpret what's been happening, but one thing is certain, there is a noticeable attempt by the powers that be to demonise those who do not want to take a vaccine for something that you have an extremely high chance of surviving if you catch it.

Now some of you might think that this is an irresponsible stance to take, some may even quote the BBC's infamous “Don't kill grandma” radio plugs, but if that's the case why isn't the entire population lining up to take every vaccine for any virus that could potentially kill 'someone'?

It's a fact that if you take away the right of choice, someone is always going to question it. And there WAS a choice at one point, and that was to allow for the further trials of a natural alternative as well as the synthetic construct that people are being 'urged' to take. There was research going on in regards to the plants abilities to help protect people against this virus, so why would it stop considering that we know more about this plant than we do of any artificial cocktail? You can only guess as to the reasons why!

Covid-19 Vaccine

I'd be lying if I said to you that I don't have a questioning mind, to the point that others would say that I have a tinfoil hat in the cupboard. But the fact is that this article is not about whether or not this virus originated from a bat in Wuhan, nor is it about whether this is a plandemic or not. It's not in anyway designed to fan the flames of division that the Government and main stream media are seeding between those 'for' or 'against' the vaccine, and it is certainly not in anyway written to the point of questioning the decisions made, or contracts awarded by the Government during the pandemic. What it is about is pointing out that there maybe a way to reinforce your immune system against Covid with a CBD rich preparation, and that should be something that those 'who have', AND those 'who have not' had the jab should consider.

Whether you choose to accept it or not, not everyone wants to stick that needle in their arm, nor should they be forced to! Equally those who have had the jab are subject to viral shedding (as with the Flu jab), and are not completely protected themselves either by the vaccine or from passing the virus on to others after receiving it. The thing is, I can't say that those issues would disappear if we were all to take a CBD rich oil despite what I've presented to you so far, Covid 19 is here to stay, just like the other Covid viruses that we've had to learnt to live with like The Common Cold or Influenza.

There is one thing however that I've been holding back, you know, just to wrap up this blog with. We've been told by Prof Chris Witty already to get used to it, which means that we should have the right as human beings to choose whether we take the jab, or seek a proven alternative.

University of Calgary (Left) and University of Lethbridge (Right)

On the 22nd of November 2020 - eleven days before the administration of the first vaccine - a joint study between the University of Lethbridge and the University of Calgary (Cummings School of Medicine) was published which suggested CBD can effectively block Covid 19 from connecting with ACE2 receptors, which seems to be the only way for Covid to 'get in', so to speak. This reinforces the later study that suggested that CBD could protect the lungs, and in fact if you read further into that study beyond the abstract sentence, you'll see that ACE2 receptors are indeed mentioned.

How Covid-19 interacts with ACE2 receptors

So to recount: 2 studies involving 3 Universities that focused on the impact of CBD on Covid were released shortly before and shortly after the administration of the first vaccine in the UK. Both studies identify the point of entry for Covid into the body, and both report that there was positive result. In between that, a hospital reported that they successfully treated their Covid in-patients with 300mg of CBD oil over 3 weeks. Why did it stop there?

Where did CBD go?

Now for those who think that I might be writing above my station here, you're right! I've a Foundation Degree in Audio and Music Production, and if anything my 2:1 leaves me lacking when it comes to giving medical advice. That being said I've provided a few links in this article, and I'm more than happy to hear what you make of them.

There's a tie-in to that last bit of information I have for you though, and it's bat-sh*t crazy! See, explaining these things is all good if the person reading this is open minded. If you're not though, and you've got this far, this is another link that confirms Covid does in fact get into the body through binding to ACE2 receptors. If you read carefully, it also suggests how Covid 19 came about, but what you do with that information is entirely up to you.

I'm only here to tell you that I believe the good 'erb has always had our backs, and that there is sufficient evidence to show that. People should have a choice on how to protect themselves, even if the government decide otherwise and label those who don't want to be jabbed as 'Anti-vaxers' or 'Refuseniks'.

I'm not here however to say that CBD will cure you, but at the same time I would happily bet my back teeth that should a trial be conducted that looked at the effectiveness and side effect potential from both CBD and the vaccines, there's only going to be one winner, and I expect that winner would not only be able to handle the increasing number of variants, but also be effective for post viral recovery should you be unfortunate enough to catch Covid in the first place.

Before you go...

Do you ever find that sometimes you're doing something, like writing an article, only for the Universe to say "Oi, I've a little pressie for you that will just add a little more weight to your project"?

Well allow me to present to you a link to Alex Belfield: The Voice of Reason, he's an independent broadcaster who used to work for the BBC. His breakdown of a recent interview of Boris Johnson is rather interesting, if you click on the link you'll see our PM effectively confirm that even if you're double jabbed you'll still be able to catch and spread Covid, and that a booster is necessary. But when does that stop, and why are children who have always been at the lowest risk of contracting covid now being offered the jab?

We need to explore alternatives, because I promise you it won't stop at three!


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