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Client Focus: Welcome to the Little Hemp Shop

Little in name, big in heart.

From humble beginnings emerged a power couple in the Hemp and CBD world, but how exactly did Marc and Sally Honey get there?

Sally: "We started with the hemp coffee. After that I said ohh I wonder if I can make a tea with it as I'm not a fan of hemp on its own"
Marc: "And from that point we didn't look back, all the other products just fell into place and we were able to find friends in the industry to help that happen"

The Little Hemp Shop hails from the Ocean City of Plymouth, and their founders quickly becoming well known for their drive and passion for the industry. Sally is without doubt the one with the energy whilst Marc is the quiet one who has a glint of mischief in his eyes.


About that glint, 2 weeks ago I wrote a blog in which I proclaimed someone to be 'the' mad scientist. I have been authorised by the person I laid that claim on to rescind that title, for Marc is the true master!

But to say it's all Marc would be unfair on Sally, both contribute with creative flair that has allowed them to expand far beyond the hemp tea which marked their entry into the CBD market. That flair extends beyond the Little hemp Shop though, the Honey's are also well known for helping smaller business get a foot in and that's even to the point of offering low MOQ's to help get them started

Sally: "We're open to working with all companies, big or small. We don't see competitors, we see potential customers working together as an industry which means that there's opportunity for everyone"
Marc: "That's why we have an open door policy, we'll listen to what companies need to get going. If we can help, we will"

In an industry like this, having an extensive product range gives you more pull. The Little Hemp Shop offers that and more, as well as a whole range of CBD oils and cosmetic products, they were also one of the first companies to offer recyclable packaging.

The Little Hemp shop is respected, but sometimes you need more than that, sometimes you need that one thing that separates you from the crowd. Marc and Sally stand for product quality as well as diversity, but to shine sometimes you need to go back to the start and look at what you stepped into the industry with in the first place.

Sally: "We started with tea, and now we have most products you could think of that include CBD as an active ingredient, but we wanted to revisit the tea and develop a more inclusive range."
Marc: "It seemed right to start our own blends as well as step into coffee, we now roast our own beans and are able to accommodate any flavours you could imagine"

Just when you think the story could end there's more, like The Hemp Hound, Marc and Sally believe that we are stronger together and so after frustrating experiences with associations and organisations, Sally got together with Nic Hewitt From Lakeside CBD to form The Hemp Co-operative, a community of large and small CBD companies all working together and sharing best practice to help add some sense of togetherness in the UK legal cannabis market.

Click here to visit the Little Hemp Shop website for more information on their CBD white label options, CBD wholesale or drop-shipping/affiliate enquiries.


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