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Mobile Cold Pressing Lab

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Helping Hemp Farmers To Reap The Benefits

In this age of diversification and as the worldwide interest in hemp grows, so does the interest from farmers, keen to understand the real opportunities this wonder crop has to offer and the diverse range of end uses it actually has, regardless of the prime reason for the growing licence. Just as you do with olives to produce cold-pressed Olive Oil, the leftover matter of the hemp plant can also be treated in the same way to produce a versatile hemp oil that can then be used in a variety of applications.

Working with farmers and cultivators around the UK and Europe Soft Botanic Extraction cold-press the Hemp at the farmers approved and licensed growing site helping to maximise the profitability of the growers hemp yields by providing beautiful, non-selective Cold Pressed, True Spectrum Hemp oil that is non-Novel and is sold by the litre on a bulk wholesale basis ready for bottling and blending into a whole range of ingestible, edible and topical products

James: “The term true Spectrum simply communicates that our oil is a true reflection of the plant’s natural state, transferred by Non-Selective Cold Pressing into Hemp Seed or Olive Oil using no chemicals whatsoever in line with the FSA’s guidance of Non-Novel Foods”.

This clever Mobile Lab operates to strict compliance regarding FSA Canna Handling and FSA Food Handling among other industry requirements with the traditional cold pressing method producing a legally-supported, soft botanical naturally rich, non-selective true spectrum hemp oil that also has the benefit of being recognised by the FSA as Non-Novel.

Soft Botanic Extraction has a sister company; Naturally Pure Lab, who take things a step further along the seed to shelf chain providing companies with a bottling and blending service as well as offering a complete White Label service and assisting with R&D projects to help you create your own bespoke, legally approved brand of cold-pressed based hemp products. Being the sister company to Soft Botanic Extraction they will also help to verse you in the naturally pure and solvent free traditional methods used in harvesting the hemp oil. If that wasn’t enough they like to share the love of this amazing plant and will even feature the hemp and CBD products you have created alongside their own on their consumer facing website

“Our Non-Selective process means that the cold press oils contain the beneficial terpenes, enzymes, fatty acids, chlorophyll and of course well known phyto-cannabinoids from the hemp plant in their natural state which is of great importance for those manufacturers or consumers looking for the synergistic benefits of what is referred to as the Entourage Effect.” said James.

Naturally Pure Lab also creates their own impressive range of gorgeous cold-pressed hemp products from tasty fruit flavoured Gummy Bears infused with Cold Pressed Hemp Extract to traditional sublingual oils, capsules and a range of soothing skincare products which are also available to wholesale.

For more information on the services Soft Botanic Extraction has to offer or for bulk Cold Pressed Hemp Oil enquiries please visit or email

For Bottling, Blending or creating your own brand through their White Label services, or if you are interested in stocking their Novel Exempt range of cold pressed products then please visit or email

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