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Client Focus: Bnatural Oils

Ever have a dream come true?

Through my journeys in hemp and CBD I've met many enthusiastic people, but not many of them can match Sam and Georgina from Bnatural Oil.

When you have a couple that go into business together in the CBD world, one is usually the mad scientist whilst the other is the ''sensible" one. In this case however, they both seem to have an equal amount of vision, creativity and organisation that has helped to drive them forward in a sometimes crowded market.

Georgina: "I had a dream, I made a recipe for a face oil and won a prize at a show. It was so vivid I even woke up with the exact ingredients in my head and told Sam straight away"
Sam: "So we got to the lab, developed that recipe and here we are (Hemp & CBD Expo Sept 2019) winning Second Prize for Best Cosmetics Product"

To me this is a big thing, Bnatural isn't a large corporate company but their products have been shown to match if not surpass the quality of some of the bigger companies in the industry, and this is priceless to a company such as Bnatural. Their example should be an inspiration to some of the smaller CBD businesses or those looking at getting into the industry as it shows that you can get the recognition you deserve, regardless of size.

Placed as respected members of the industry, with products that stand out from the crowd, the Bnatural CBD team are now working on some exciting new additions to their popular hybrid CBD oils and cosmetics to include a fantastic new CBD sports and Cold Press range.

Sam: "The last couple of years have been amazing, winning two separate awards for our CBD products so early on has been a real achievement and propelled us to keep moving forward, listening to what our customers want and creating what we hope to be even more award winning products "

2021 certainly looks to be another exciting year for Bnatural, for more information on stocking their products or to discuss your own CBD white label solutions with them then please visit


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