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When it comes to Body and Mind Botanicals, it's all about the taste.

Hot products, with cold-press goodness

Martin: "We are different - a statement that is said a lot when Body and Mind Botanicals talk about themselves. Why are we different? Because we've been Novel Compliant from the start"

Body and Mind Botanicals is a Hemp & CBD brand that started from a very personal place. Michael - one of the co-founders suffered from anxiety and lack of sleep from the age of 14, he found CBD over 5 years ago and it changed his life!

He spent a whole year researching Hemp & CBD before bringing in his business partner and co-founder Martin. These two families then brought Body and Mind Botanicals alive!

Michael: "From the very start we wanted to make sure that we did everything the best way and the right way. To start this journey off we secured our farmland to ensure we have full traceability from seed to sale".

Body and Mind Botanicals first product was their Hemp Tea, which is completely natural and with nothing added to it, or taken away.

Michael: "We have a patent pending process which allows to just add boiling water to our pure hemp tea and it tastes great"
Martin: "And it still is the most natural and effective way of getting CBD into your system. It's a great place to start and we have only grown from there, because everybody loves a cup of tea"

Body and Mind Botanicals wanted to be different, and it's fair to say they have succeeded. They are one of a select few UK CBD companies that can boast seed to sale whilst being a fully registered food business, Certified Organic by the Soil Association, Vegan Certified, SALSA Accredited, and a 2 star great taste award winner which they worked really hard for.

Not only are their products Novel Exempt, they keep up to date with the fast changing and ever evolving world of hemp, with their Operations Manager working closely with the FSA, this has led them to have a Primary Authority Partnership with Trading Standards.

What else can they offer?

Well, not only do they have a very well-respected brand that is growing rapidly, they also offer white label services as well as offering their products as an ingredient.

Michael: "We are extremely proud of what we have built, and our products are like no other"
Martin: "We have a very exciting future ahead, and we want to share it with as many as possible"

If you are interested in their wholesale or white label products then click here to check out the Body and Mind Botanicals website where you can find out more about their fantastic product range.


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