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Key CBD Industry Connections for 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

The Hemp Hound membership update and directory push

But first...

Now, back to business!

Since March of this year, The Hemp Hound Agency has been working its socks off in an effort to get some key industry concerns heard in the never ending saga that is Novel Foods for CBD products.

But we're not here to talk about that today as there is more to the world of legal cannabis in the UK and EU, so lets talk about some of the great businesses on the Hemp Hound Directory.

We've got some great companies worth getting in touch with, whether you're looking for new or alternative products to complete your range, or services to help your business run more smoothly, we've got you covered.

The Directory itself comes with a convenient and easy to use landing page, from here you're presented with the following lists for all the B2B Hemp & CBD services you could need.

The lists are exactly what they say on the tin, so do feel free to take a look around.

When it comes to listed companies, everyone has their niche. It's not just about the products and services that they offer, but the ethos behind them.

Here are some new and renewed companies to check out, adding to the choice that is available to you.

And they are?

First up is Scotland's own Flora Fusion, who have been supplying fine quality CBD products since 2016. In all of that time they have managed to maintain a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot, which is testament to the quality of their customer services as well as their products.

Flora Fusion offer organic, full spectrum products that are vegan friendly, and they offer free consultations on any orders, as well as free delivery.

Flora Fusion can be found on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, White Label

Hempresso® are a hot drinks specialist who offer amazing 100% Arabica CBD coffee in an array of formats from pre-ground, coffee pods, and coffee bags.

Hempresso® are also the exclusive UK suppliers of Jamaican Blue Mountain CBD coffee, and also offer CBD Hot Chocolate, a range of hemp teas, and can also offer branded coffee machines for retail and office space.

Hempresso® can be found in the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, Specialist Suppliers

CBD-One is a family run company that was founded in 2017, and offer Vegan Friendly CBG and CBD products that can be traced shelf back to their farms in the Netherlands.

Their fine range of products are full spectrum, and includes oils, water soluble pastes, patches and Hatcha.

CBD-One are if not the first UK CBD business to be founded and run by a medical professional, and also offer consultations not just on their products but also how to get the best out of them.

You can fine CBD-One on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers

And then we have a new member that comes as 2 new companies!

Nootro Labs comes with a degree of pedigree that is reflected by their ethos and excellence.

They are able to supply a range of products that extends beyond CBD and into other supplemental areas, which means they have an extensive range of products to get you going, as well as the skill set to offer custom formulations that could make your brand stand out against the rest

Nootro labs is part of a group, which includes Noo Brands, who through banding together with the team at Nootro Labs, can advise you on how to stick your best foot forward when engaging with the consumer!

Noo Brands completes the package, by offering help with digital services. The World Wide Web is a competitive space for business, but Noo Brands have you covered by offering a Web Development Service that works to your budget.

They also offer guidance in marketing - as a PCC agency they are able to offer access to Google Approved professionals who are highly experienced in producing and delivering data, which leads to profitable paid media strategies.

Nootro Labs and Noo Brands have yet to be listed in the Hemp Hound Directory, however they will be soon, as well as on a new Members Page. Noo Brands will also be listed in a new Consultants Page, which will be coming in the new year!

Can we get a drum roll for...

Brown's CBD, who have everything to cover your CBD wants and needs.

Brown's CBD are one of only 15 companies in the UK recognised by the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society who provide an exceptional CBD food supplemental product range.

Their products extend beyond the full spectrum CBD range of oils and edibles though, Brown's CBD also offer CBD patches, CBD vapes, CBD Balms and Cold Press hemp oils.

Brown's CBD will soon be added to the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, White Label

And renewed members?

2022 has been a tough year for everyone, and that's just with the ongoing situation with Novel Foods. Some companies struggled to recover after the Covid Lockdowns, where as others are now having to adapt to the ever looming cost of living crisis.

To all of those who who have closed over this time, you won't be forgotten, and I hope you managed to find a new journey, and with new adventures. If you've walked into something that could at one point be introduced to Novel Foods though, you're mad!!!

That being said, a fair few companies have survived these hard times, and some have actually been able to not just adapt to the new way of the world, but also increase their visibility and market share. Hats off to you if you happen to be in that number!

And here's a few of those companies who are returning for the next part of their journey with The Hemp Hound Agency!

The Tonic was born in 2017 of little more than a sincere belief in the unique qualities of CBD and a stubborn, unflinching and growing desire to help others.

They've done this and more, not just with their products but the passion and knowledge behind them.

The Tonic has an exceptional array of products including oils, patches, cosmetics and an amazing range of blended teas to tantalise all taste buds.

You can find The Tonic on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, Specialist Suppliers

Hempen Organic is a Not-For-Profit farming co-operative that is crazy about hemp, and have been helping other farmers on their quests to grow hemp since 2015.

Hempen's products are well known, as is their ethos and passion, and have great things planned for this year. You too can be part of that as they often offer the chance to become part of their co-operative, as well as to volunteer to help at events and harvest time.

You can find Hempen Organic on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, Wholefoods, Farming & Related Services, Farmers Market

If there was any company out there that can say they champion cruelty free products, it's Essench CBD.

That's not all they are about though, they also work towards environmentally friendly practices by ensuring that their vegan friendly products are also free of palm oils and derivatives.

Essench CBD provide an artisanal approach to cosmetics, and offer white label with the option for custom formulations. They also offer inhouse design and printing services to help you create a product range that catches the consumers eye!

Essench CBD can be found on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, White Label, Specialist Suppliers

Taunton Hemp Company offer hemp derived products that are grown in the South West, where the jet stream touches the UK and allows for more sunshine than anywhere else in the British Isles!

With over 500 acres, which includes greenhouse space, there's not much that Taunton Hemp Company can't provide. They are also able to provide acreage on a contract basis, to provide you with the raw materials you need regardless of if it's for the food industry, building materials, animal bedding or bio fuel.

Then comes their sister company, Country Boys Collective.

Named because of a love for the music genre, they create products that are traceable from seed to shelf, and provide everything from seed oils, cold press hemp oils, topicals, edibles and a range of hard wearing hemp derived clothing.

You can find Taunton Hemp Company and Country Boys Collective on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, White Label, Wholefoods, Farms & Related Services, Farmers Market

Body and Mind Botanicals are cold press hemp oil specialists, with a range of products created using their inhouse processed oil.

They also provide a range of hemp based products from teas to steak rubs, and also offer a range of there products with alternative botanical infusions.

Chocolates, bath bombs and hemp pet treats also come into their products range, and they're also about to offer 100% FSA approved Not Novel hemp oil for white label needs.

You can find Body and Mind Botanicals on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers, White Label, Specialist Suppliers, Wholefoods

"Strict quadruple-testing is undertaken to scientifically guarantee absolute quality in our final product. And at each stage of the process, we can proudly claim to be cruelty-free, vegan friendly, and free from toxins and heavy metals."

Sometimes you have to go to the horses mouth to see if they tick every box, and Ethica CBD do just that.

Hailing from Cornwall, Ethica CBD use Swiss grown hemp and extraction facilities to create an exception range of blended CBD oils for all occasions. They also have a range of cosmetic products which won first place at the World CBD Awards 2022 for the Best CBD Cosmetics category.

You can find Ethica CBD on the following lists: Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers

Finally we have WeCannCo, who offer a fresh approach to digital marketing with 18+ years of experience in web design and search engine optimisation, specialising in applying traditional marketing techniques to cannabis and hemp-based products.

If you are not happy with how your website is performing, then now could be a good time to find out why. They offer a FREE SEO Audit, can help businesses to improve or rebuild their existing website, and create marketing strategies that get great results.

You can find WeCannCo on the following lists: Alternative Services

Don't forget!

Regardless of format, if you buy white labelled products from anyone to sell on, you need to verify that they are what they say they are with 3rd party independent labs.

We are lucky to have 2 such labs on The Hemp Hound Directory, you can find IFS-Labs and AL-Bioservices in the Alternative Services list.

Introducing Hemp Hound TV

This started of as a thought, but over time it's become a necessity. This directory push for example has already taken my 3 days to write, and the intention to shorten that process by engaging a bit more in a video format. I'll still write articles of course, but not to the extent I have been over the last 9 or so months.

So far in the 1 month that it's been live, Hemp Hound TV has only really covered the Hemp Hound's public interest disclosure complaint that was submitted to the FSA and focuses on their handling of Novel Foods. That's about to change though, with interviews, news and reviews planned to be released very soon.

So how about becoming part of the pack?

At The Hemp Hound Agency, you'll know that your concerns will be listened to, you will have a voice, and you'll be personally kept up to date with industry movement.

It costs as little as £385 for the year, get's you on a promoted directory, and you'll have the chance to get your business, and your industry opinions aired on Hemp Hound TV. All you have to do is email and ask for more details.


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