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Escalation - a preview of The Hemp Hound Agency's meeting with the FSA to discuss the Public Interest Disclosure Complaint against their handling of novel foods for CBD products

The Hemp Hound Agency

In July 2022, I submitted a Public Interest Disclosure Complaint against the FSA's handling of novel foods. The reasons for that complaint were:

  • Products have been validated despite not being available to the consumer on or before 13/02/20.

  • The FSA are selectively enforcing MoDR, or as it was defined after the original complaint response, the 1mg THC threshold per product, regardless of size.

  • The FSA by not observing the rules they set out above is creating a Cartel (Monopolies) Market, and allowing GW to influence the novel food process with 16 lab reports for CBD isolate and academics who failed to declare the interests of their employers.

  • The head of novel foods twice dismissed evidence to show that certain validated products weren't available to the consumer on or before 13/02/20, despite him confirming that this was a pre-requisite for qualifying for the CBD amnesty, and the public list for CBD products.

  • The FSA has potentially committed food crimes by diminishing, or compromising the authenticity of supplemental CBD products.

  • Let's just say, the last point is related to the ACI.

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