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Start your day, the Hempresso® way!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

If you are a coffee connoisseur, or looking to add a new line of beverages to your business, then why not start your day the Hempresso® way with their stunning range of Novel-Foods compliant CBD infused drinks. Their signature range of Hemp Infused Coffee is made with Arabica beans, much loved for their rich and full bodied taste, with chocolatey tones and hints of sweet honey and blueberries. The Hempresso® range is Vegan Friendly and Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning that their products are produced with social, economic, and environmental sustainability in mind.

"Hempresso® is not just about making great tasting coffee, but making it work around your lifestyle, we understand that people are busy but don't want to compromise on sustainability, quality and taste, so we have created a handy choice of options allowing you to enjoy a quality CBD infused beverage whether you are at home, in the office or on the go" Scott Hardacre, Founder of Hempresso®

You can choose from Ground CBD Coffee, suitable for Cafetieres and coffee machines without a grinder, to fully biodegradable Hempresso® infused coffee pods, designed to work with all espresso pod machines. If you are the outdoors type or regularly out and about for business or pleasure, you’ll appreciate the benefits of their revolutionary CBD coffee bags. The clever design allows the coffee to permeate the sack, just like a tea-bag, so whether you are camping in the wilderness or just can't be bothered to get out the Cafetieres, you'll be able to easily enjoy a cup of Hempresso's infused coffee. Better still the whole coffee bag is completely biodegradable!

For the ultimate in luxury CBD infused Coffee, why not check out the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee bags from Coffee Blu CBD, an exciting exclusive for Hempresso®. Renowned for being one of the worlds most sought after and expensive coffees, this product is made using Grade 1 Arabica Beans sourced from the Jamaican Blue Mountains, and certified by the Jamaican Coffee Board and the Jamaican Coffee Growers Association. Each coffee-bag delivers approx. 10mg of CBD per cup.

The Blue Mountains in Jamaica, the source of the beans used to create
Hempresso® Coffee Blu CBD

As well as their awesome CBD infused Coffee lines, Hempresso® also offers a gorgeous Hemp & Chamomile tea which brews into a beautiful golden cuppa with delicate hints of apples. For people looking for a treat, why not try the sumptuous Hempresso® CBD-infused hot chocolate, made with the finest cocoa beans it is velvety smooth and naturally sweet. The big bonus is that it can be made with hot water or milk, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy, simply stir well, sit back and enjoy.

For businesses looking to offer quality CBD infused coffees to their customers or guests, the Hempresso® Touch Bean2Cup Coffee Machine is the ideal solution. Suitable for hotels, reception areas and locations where quality a selection of CBD coffees, reliability and contemporary design are paramount. This stunning coffee machine will produce all of the most popular drinks at the touch of a button including Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Americano, Flat White, Mochachino, Hot Chocolate and hot water for teas.

If you are looking to stock a great tasting CBD coffee brand, have a coffee shop or café wanting to serve a range of CBD hot drinks, or are interested in one of our Bean2Cup Hempresso® Touch Coffee machines for your business get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Low MOQ's available. Mention 'Hemp Hound' for 20% off your first wholesale order.

For more info or to place an order, please contact:


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