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It's hot! Keep hydrated with CBD Drinks

Especially when there's a relentless yellow round thing in the sky, beating down on all of us right now!

There's two things that go through my mind as Welshman who is confronted with more sun than he's genetically programmed to deal with: where can I hide from it when I've had my fill of Vitamin D, and making sure I've plenty of liquids about.

As we're currently in that situation, as well as the fact that Hempresso have joined The Hemp Hound Agency, I thought I would give you a formal introduction to them in an appropriately focused post, which also touches on the other options available through the The Hemp Hound Directory for Hemp and CBD focused beverage suppliers.

Hempresso are defined by the quality of their imported coffee beans, which is evident from their exclusive 'Coffee Blu CBD' range, created from the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain beans as well as their Arabica range.

Now you might be thinking "Coffee? in this heat???", but there is in fact studies to show that hot drinks in hot weather has an effect that is shall we say, counter-intuitive.

There is a school of thought that suggests hot drinks raise your core temperature, which in turn pushes more blood to your extremities, with the result being that you lose more heat than that which you took in.

So when you have near 40°C heat to deal with, or 104°F to everyone else...

Having a brew is a great idea, and Hempresso cover all angles. On top of their Coffee Blu CBD range, they also offer Bio-degradable CBD Coffee pods and Ground CBD Coffee for those who come equipped with a cafetiere, perfect for an Iced-Latte. Hempresso also offer 'On the Go-Go' Coffee bags, and CBD Hot Chocolate 'Heaven', which suits the needs of those who like a bit of sweetness in their hot drinks.

For those who want a little less caffeine in their diet and prefer a more chilled experience with their hot beverages, they also do a fine line of CBD infused Chamomile Tea Bags.

For more information on Hempresso, their fine range of beverages, or their Hempresso TOUCH Coffee Machines, you can find them on the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers List, the Specialist Suppliers List, or by clicking HERE to go to their main site.

When it comes to CBD beverage suppliers and manufacturers, there is a few on The Hemp Hound Directory to choose from!

The Tonic offer a luxury range of Hemp Tea's, which are perfect for a hot day and come with a great range of flavours.

These include Black Mango, Cleansing Blossom, Fruit Explosion, Vibrant Lemons, and Chai Spice.

Every one of those flavours can be enjoyed whatever the weather, but Vibrant Lemons has got to be a star right now. Cold brewed and served over ice... I'm salivating right now!

You can find out more about The Tonic, their range of Luxury Hemp Teas as well as their other products by clicking HERE to go to their website, or you can find them on the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Supplier List and the Specialist Suppliers List.

Then come Plymouth finest, Little Hemp Shop, who not only blend their own Hemp Teas but also roast their own Coffee Beans to either infuse with CBD or hemp.

Their 'Bean of Choice' is the Columbian Excelso, and their range includes a decaf version for those who enjoy the taste without the jitters.

As well as having a CBD Coffee Bag range and Hempy Hot Chocolate Bags, Little Hemp Shop also sell a wider product range which are worth checking out.

For more information on Little Hemp Shop, click HERE to go direct to their website, or if you're local, you can find them at Stand 143/144 at the Cornwall St Pannier Market.

You can also find Little Hemp Shop on the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers List, the White Label List, and the Specialist Suppliers List of The Hemp Hound Directory.

CBD Ultra are one of those companies who has been in the Hemp and CBD industry forever - if there were a 'dead sea scrolls' of the CBD world, no doubt they would be mentioned in there, and with the word 'quality' heavily attached.

This is reflected in their critically acclaimed line of Hemp Teas and medium roast Columbian Coffee Beans that are available pre-ground or whole!

Their coffee boasts a rich toffee flavour with a hint of walnut and a light citrus zest, where as their Hemp Infused Teas come in Jasmine and Green Tea, Kenyan Black, Earl Grey, Bloody Orange and a few more to boot.

CBD Ultra also offer a 'Tea Lover's Bundle', so you have the chance to try the whole range at your convenience. They also offer CBD infused bean to cup coffee machines for businesses who are looking to offer great coffee by the cup to their customers.

For more information on CBD Ultra's fine Hemp Teas, CBD infused Columbian Coffee and other great products, click HERE. You can also find them on the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers List, the White Label List, and the Specialist Suppliers list.

Finally on the hot drinks front, we have Zenon Hemp Farm, who're based in Lithuania and have been growing Hemp Tea since 2015.

Perfection comes over time, as does knowing what are the right strains to use. Because of this, you can go to the farm before harvest and get hit with the citrusy scent given of by Fedora and Felina, and after harvest, you could expect to find the plants being dried in a traditional manner to get the best flavour possible by the time your hot water hits the tea bag.

That's right by they way, Zenon Hemp Farm has an open door policy, which means you can book a visit to see exactly how they grow and prepare their tea.

Zenon Hemp Farm are specialists, and can help with put a spring in your step either as someone who enjoys tea, or someone who is looking to buy in bulk to create their on blended Hemp Tea range.

For more information on Zenon Hemp Farm, click HERE, alternatively you can find them on the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers List, as well as the Specialist Suppliers List.

And now, let's look into the cold drink alternative

Personally, I'm more of a cold drink fan in temperatures like this, and if friends are round and the barbeque is out, here's a great range of CBD infused lager, ale, and cider, all crafted by Cannabrew.

Each of their offerings has 15mg of CBD, and there's also multi-can options, including the Cannabrew's Gift Set, OG Beer Box, and the Mixed Cased, so you can ensure that the fridge is stocked regardless of the occasion. They also have a low alcohol IPA, for those who are looking for a different level of refreshment.

For more information on Cannabrew's great range of crafted ale, cider and lager, click HERE, alternatively you can find them in the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Providers List, and the Specialist Suppliers List.

How do you like your CBD infused IPA? How about, bursting with tropical mango flavour, that almost add a hit of fruit punch to its quaffability?

I know, spellcheck is telling me that's not a word, but if I was to stick it on a scrabble board and explained my actions by showing a can of Green Times Brewing's Keep it Chill 4% Session IPA, I think I'd get away with it.

Green Time Brewing are IPA specialists, which shows as their Take Five New England IPA (5%), as well as their Easy Haze Alcohol Free IPA(0.5%).

For more information about the great range of IPA's from Green Times Brewing, click HERE, alternatively you can find them in the Hemp & CBD Wholesale Suppliers List, or in the Specialist Suppliers List.

There you go folks, just a few of the companies who offer great hemp and CBD beverage lines to help you and your customers stay hydrated during this heatwave. For all of these and many more companies who're manufacturing or supplying great Hemp & CBD focused products, click HERE to go to The Hemp Hound Directory.

For more information about The Hemp Hound Agency or The Directory, email

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