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Gain confidence in your knowledge.

As the cannabis industry grows worldwide, the gap in cannabis knowledge grows with it. Sativa Learning has been developed to bridge that gap.

The online cannabis education platform was launched at the beginning of 2021 with the aims of fulfilling the educational needs of the nascent cannabis industry.

Founder of Sativa Learning, Ryan McCreanor spent time in Canada working for the government as a cannabis educator, following the legalisation of adult use cannabis in 2018. With a background as a Toxicology Scientist and experience in the hemp sector, Ryan returned home to Belfast, Northern Ireland and set up the e-learning platform to bring trusted training and education to all avenues of the cannabis industry.

The first CPD accredited online course available from Sativa Learning is the CBD Industry Professional course. The 9 educational modules which make up the course provide comprehensive information designed to educate in an interactive and immersive fashion.

Subjects include the history of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, cannabis plant chemistry, bioavailability, product quality and CBD dosing. It also contains a dedicated law module, covering international, EU and UK regulations on CBD which has been approved by the cannabis law team at Mackrell Solicitors.

Professor Mike Barnes (Left) and Ryan McCreanor (Right)

Working alongside Ryan to develop the platform and courses include Professor Mike Barnes, medical cannabis expert; and Hannah Deacon, medical cannabis campaigner and mother of Alfie Dingley, the first patient to receive an NHS medical cannabis prescription.

Professor Mike Barnes said: “There is still a large knowledge gap surrounding medical cannabis and CBD which is resulting in many patients missing out on a life-changing medication. But we’re also seeing many new CBD start-ups offering CBD wellness products – accompanied by a lack of education.”

“Working with Sativa Learning to create this education platform has meant we’re able to provide effective, certified education to cover licensed practitioners, CBD wholesalers or shop owners and job-seekers looking to get ahead of the rest.”

The online CBD course has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from CBD retailers, jobseekers, cannabis entrepreneurs and even medical professionals seeking to better understand CBD products and the endocannabinoid system.

Kate Peterson, the founder of CBD skincare brand Elin Wellbeing said: “The Sativa Learning course is invaluable. Put together by true experts, whose passion and expertise sines through. I feel more confident in my knowledge. 5 stars from me.”

Dr. Basil Almahdi, a Consultant in anaesthesia & pain medicine said: “I found it to be concise, informative & relevant to someone starting to prescribe cannabis-based medicines. It's set in a way that enables you to complete the course in your own time & at your own pace.”

Now, working with the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, Sativa Learning are developing an accredited online medical cannabis course to give medical professionals and students a thorough understanding of cannabis as a medicine.

The online course features video learning from world renowned cannabis clinicians like Dr. Dani Gordon, Prof. Mike Barnes, Dr. Sunil Arora and Dr. Leon Barron who is the founder of The Primary Cannabis Care Network.

As well as a comprehensive introduction to the world of cannabis medicine, the course takes a deep dive into some of the most common conditions for which medical cannabis is prescribed like chronic pain, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and women’s health issues.

Unlike other medical cannabis courses, this course includes video testimonials from real life medical cannabis patients who speak on how cannabis medicine has impacted their life. The course is expected to launch on the platform at the end of 2021.

Sativa Learning is dedicated to delivering a gold standard in cannabis education by providing fact-based, accredited courses encompassing all elements of the cannabis industry. With Sativa Learning, you can avoid the myths and misinformation to learn effectively and at your own pace; wherever, whenever.

Whether your goal is to grow and develop your team, become a more competent cannabis professional, advance your career, invest in the industry or to establish a new business, the Sativa Learning courses will provide you with the expertise needed to thrive.

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