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Client Focus: Welcome to IFS-Labs

There's more than one reason to go to Old Trafford, and not all of them are about football! Based literally a free-kick away is IFS-Labs, a rarity in themselves as they are a truly independent laboratory.

Don't get me wrong here - affiliations and collaboration are how industries grow, there are some exceptional labs out there who are tied directly to bodies where they help advise on analytical requirements, but IFS choose to focus their energy on delivering quality services to the hemp and CBD industry without those ties to ensure that they are accessible to all who need them.

Karen: "Every day is about showing up. Business can be tough and you must adapt constantly in a fast changing world, always meeting your customer’s needs and spotting opportunities for new markets."
Mark: "IFS Laboratories is committed to provide accurate and timely testing services, and to continuously meet or exceed the stated, or implied, expectations of our customers through day-to-day interactions"

Founded in 1999 by Karen and Zeb, IFS-Labs originally started as a Flammability, Physical and Chemical Testing Laboratory of upholstered furniture and textiles materials. Both are from Flammability backgrounds, with the added mixture of a Chemistry background, they have now been working in laboratory testing for over 25 years.

This wealth of experience made the transition into cannabinoid testing a relatively easy process, but then it's not just about opening the door and walking through, it's about ensuring that you've come to the party with the right supplies to please the host!

And that's exactly where IFS-Labs excel, not only do they provide exceptional customer services, they also provide all the relevant testing for cannabinoid based products which include:

  • Cannabinoid Profiling

  • Residual Solvents

  • Terpene Analysis

  • Pesticide Analysis

  • Mycotoxin Analysis

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids

  • Nicotine Potency

  • Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Vitamin Analysis

IFS-Labs also have an extremely fast turnover time, meaning your results will be with you days after your samples have been received instead of the weeks it can take other laboratories.

And there's one more thing that you should know about this accredited lab; IFS are accredited to test for an impressive 17 cannabinoids, which is 3 more than most labs and they do have the ability to test for any other cannabinoid you can think of if there were to be a need for it.

Click here for more information about IFS-Labs and to find out how they can help you with your analytical requirements. If you mention Hemp Hound, there's also a 20% discount in service costs to be had.


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