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Zenon Farm

Lithuania's premier hemp tea producers

Sometimes there's no need to over complicate things; for example a CBD sweet can sometimes be too sweet, or a CBD oil can have a texture that doesn't quite sit right in the mouth.

Sometimes you have to go back to the raw ingredients to get that little boost to your Endo-Cannabinoid System, and sometimes all that takes is putting the kettle on, and having a quick brew.

Aivaras: When can't you beat a cup of tea? When it's made from hemp, of course!
Zenonas: Tea makes the world go round, and we do a seed to cup product which is packed with freshness.

Established in 2014 when laws in Lithuania first allowed for the cultivation of EU approved strains, father an son team Zenonas and Aivaras employ modern farming techniques with traditional values. This means that whilst you will see tractors in the fields, every harvest is barn dried to ensure that none of the cannabinoids and terpenes are lost.

As one of the first farmer from that time, they have had a chance to hone their skills, and get a good name for themselves whilst doing so.

Every year the fields are full with Felina and Futura, both filling the farm with a citrus aroma that betrays the expression of Limonene. This makes these strains ideal for teas, whether raw or for blending.

Zenonas: It's a passion, being able to get more from your harvest. That 'more' for us is flavour, aroma and quality.
Aivaras: And that comes from love, and finding that right balance between our input, and what the plant does naturally. That's when you get that little 'more', and we pride ourselves for being masters at getting it.

By keeping their products raw and simple, there are no intensive farming methods. This means that the eco-sphere around their farm and the farm itself benefits from a symbiotic relationship which promotes bio-diversity for a large part of the surrounding area.

You can come and witness this for yourself, Zenonas and Aivaras promote the farm not just as a hemp tea centre of excellence but also a place where you can come and visit, because who wouldn't want to walk around fields of hemp weeks before harvest, right?

For more information about Zenon Hemp Farm, their wholesale and white label options or to visit, click here.


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