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Update on the Public Interest Disclosure (PID)

Launched by The Hemp Hound Agency in regards to the handling of Novel Foods by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

On the 19th of August, the Hemp Hound Agency received a reply from the FSA in regards to a submitted PID sent to them on the 15th of July that detailed several complaints in regards to the handling of Novel Foods by the FSA.

The original complaint focused on 4 key areas:

  1. Companies who had no products on sale before 13/02/22 yet are validated

  2. Companies who have had drugs validated as food

  3. The monopoly market that is being facilitated by the FSA

  4. Food crimes that are being committed by the FSA by their handling of Novel Foods

The FSA's reply asked if I could refine my complaint, stating that it could take up to 3 years to investigate my claims. Subsequently, I have decided to aid the FSA in their investigation by providing them with what has been asked for.

You can download the response letter from the link below.

Public Interest Disclosure, CJ to the FSA
Download PDF • 8.65MB

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