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Putting the sparkle back into CBD

Turning your passion and love into a career is something that Hannabis specialises in.

Launched in June 2019 - Hannabis started as a CBD specialist, although it soon evolved to include all of the passions of the founder.

Hannah Wenn: My personal journey with cannabis started in 2012 but it wasn't until 2018 that I created my own brand, I released my own product range in 2019 starting with handmade cosmetics such as; CBD Lip balms, CBD Shampoo Bars, CBD Clay Masks, and I built up my product range from there.

Each product you see at Hannabis has been hand-selected by Hannah, and this is why Hannabis have some incredible and unique products.

Instant Janes was launched just after the one year anniversary of the Hannabis launch, adding Handmade pre-rolled cones and hemp-based herbal smoking blends to the product list.

As a result, Hannabis has continued to expand into other areas within the cannabis industry.

March 2021 saw the launch of The Canna Coven. The sub-brand allowed Hannabis to branch into another market and one that is very personal to the founder of Hannabis who has practised witchcraft since she was a child.

Not all witchcraft is spells & broomsticks. Herbs, essential oils & intention play an essential part of the magical process that Hannabis's handmade products go through.

With putting the results of the products at the forefront of the entire process, creating a range of all round naturally magical products.

Could Hannabis Help You?

Hannabis is the starting point for many people within the cannabis industry. Hannah started her own career within the network marketing industry and as a result, she knew that she could offer people an incredible opportunity to get a step up into an industry that they have so much love and passion for.

After Hannah's personal experience within the network marketing industry, she wanted to step up and make a change. That is why Hannabis set up an affiliate program with full training provided for free. Most importantly, Hannabis training covers;

  • CBD legislation

  • MHRA Guidelines

  • Product Information

  • Sales Tactics

  • Social Media Training

  • Recruitment Resources

  • Mindset Management

  • Money Mindset Advice

  • Launch Guidance

  • Branding Support

  • 1-2-1 Sessions

  • Witch World Guidance

Consequently, many of the Hannabis affiliates have continued to launch their own product ranges that are now also available on the Hannabis website.

For more information about Hannabis, click here or email


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