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Like what we do?

The Hemp Hound Agency is an advisory and signposting service for companies in the hemp and CBD sector

But at the same time, it's a media company with a mission to uncover the true history of cannabis in the UK

That takes a lot of effort, dedication and focus

And that is driven by a love for a plant, which sounds silly, until you realise that cannabis has over 20,000 applicable uses

But we're talking about work outside of work, which the members of The Hemp Hound Agency only cover to the point of regulatory updates and interpretation
That's where I need your help, because you see that beautiful dog in the background? He's the Director for Security and Treats, and he's been grumbling about not getting enough Bonio's of late
So if you want to help and support what I do, click the link below, and buy me a coffee... or Sprocket some of his favourite treats

With your support, we can continue to work towards ensuring there's enough information and evidence to show that cannabis shouldn't be illegal, and work towards holding those with known interests to account

Thank you!

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