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Meet the 10 year old entrepreneur adding magic to the hemp world

Introducing Summer Connolly, founder of Magical Makes

What were you doing at 10 years old? Did you have your picture taken in a hemp field knowing full well that the plants you were standing next to had amazing properties?

What about thinking of starting your own business, is that anything that popped into your head? Me neither, I was too busy getting up to mischief at that age and I'd like to think I still have the scars to prove it! Summer Connolly could be referred to as a young Hempreneur, she has grown up to appreciate the benefits the Hemp plant has to offer and has set about creating her own brand called Magical Makes.

And here comes the magic!

According to my reliable sources, Summers products are inspired by a love of all things Harry Potter, a nod to the 4 boarding houses at Hogwarts is even reflected in her packaging. Summer has also be closely observing her Mum and Dad who are Georgina and Samuel Connolly, the founders of Bnatural Oils and obvious business mentors to Summer. Combine that all together and Miss Connolly has gone on to create something that even Hermione Granger would be proud of.

Summer: "Hemp is magical! It can help with so many things so I thought I would see what I could do, my dad makes loads of products but I thought I would start my brand with popular cherry lip balms."

Magical Makes Cherry Lip Balms are made using premium hemp seed oil and natural flavouring to give your lips a soothing treat.

As a versatile product that transcends demographics, Summer couldn't have started from a better place. Whether you're at a festival, at the beach, surfing, on a ski-slope or just going about your day to day life, a quality soothing lip balm is one of those little essentials we just can't do without.

With a Vanilla flavoured version coming soon and more products in the magical making we can't wait to see what this young entrepreneur has planned for the future.

You can purchase a set of 4 cherry lip balms from Magical Makes by clicking the link here.


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