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Client Focus: Orange County CBD

It's not just about football rivalry and the Beatles, Liverpool is also a powerhouse in the CBD market.

How many great's can you name from Liverpool? Sure the city is rich in music and cultural history, and there's one of the greatest rivalries of football in Liverpool FC and Everton.

Well I'm going to add another to the list, and their place is deserved. Welcome to Orange County CBD.

Aaron: "We were mechanics before we started, but we saw how well CBD was being received and thought we would dip our toe in the market"
Sean: "So after much discussion, we packed up our tool-bags in 2019 and we haven't looked back since"

So why is the company called 'Orange County CBD'? It's because they have farmers out in the US who grow for all their extract needs, and the location means that there is the potential for 3 to 4 harvests a year. That extra sunshine is then shipped to the UK to be used in the creation of Orange County's entire CBD product range.

Sunshine + Hemp = Great CBD Extracts, add that to a complete product range, mix in excellent customer services and sprinkle in a hint of Scouse accent and you have an award winning combination.

Sean: "We knew from our past industry that a job well done doesn't always mean it's been done to it's best, we wanted to bring something exceptional to the market and we'd like to think we've done just that"
Aaron: "So when we came away from the 2020 Hemp & CBD Expo with 5 awards, we were humbled. We felt that we had been accepted, and that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Orange County continue to go from strength to strength, despite the difficulties of a covid affected market they have experienced record growth that has lead to them upgrading their facilities 4 time in the last 12 months, which in itself shows the popularity of their product range.

Aaron: "It's hard to keep up sometimes with consumer demand but then we have a product for everyone."
Sean: "That's exactly what we aimed for, we wanted to create a brand and product range that was inclusive of all markets and age groups. We've done that hence the rapid growth, and there's still more to come from us."

So what's instore for 2021? Orange County are preparing for Novel Foods by submitting a dossier for validation, which makes sense because the story of field to shelf adds to the allure of their products. This means you'll still be able to get the whole range of their popular CBD Gummies, CBD Oils and CBD Meaty Balls right through and beyond 2021.

Click here to visit the Orange County CBD website for more information on their CBD white label options, CBD wholesale or drop-shipping/affiliate enquiries.

The future's bright, the future's Orange County CBD

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