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Cannafull – UK Base White Label CBD Skincare Manufacturers

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Cannabis infused skincare is taking off in a big way, and for good reason. Cannabis extracts are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make them the perfect ingredient to include in skincare and topicals.

What’s more, CBD is a listed ingredient on COSING, the European ingredient database for cosmetics and it’s likely that even more Cannabinoids will appear in future given COSING’s recent decision to also include the mother of all Cannabinoids; CBG.

Consumers worldwide are starting to understand that when it comes to skincare, Cannabis is arguably one of the best active ingredients to look for whether that is to help with breakouts or dry and cracked skin or to develop into part of a luxurious beauty routine.

Cannafull – Specialist in Cannabis Skincare

Cannafull are a brand that have taken this as a powerful cue to focus exclusively on manufacturing high quality Cannabis skincare products.

When asked why Cannafull will only focus on skincare, Rick Messitt CEO at Cannafull puts it quite simply.

“We are specialists, and we want to own our niche. A jack of all trades is a master of none.”

This decision makes a lot of sense when you consider the size and scale of the already established skincare market. CBD brands venturing into this space must bear in mind that they will be competing with some of the world’s best loved and well-established brands.

Tamara McAsey, Product Formulator and Brand Director at Cannafull explains;

I love formulating with cannabis extracts. They have amazing properties and with new cannabinoids becoming available all the time it is an exciting niche to work in.

Whilst we are all about introducing cannabis to skincare, it is important for brands to understand that in the established skincare industry, there are many other powerful natural ingredients that consumers want to see as well.

Focusing on CBD or CBG is not enough. We want to help brands understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When cannabis extracts make up 5% or less of your formula, it’s imperative that the other 95% is just as carefully considered.

It's imperative if CBD brands want to stand out in the highly competitive skincare market.”

Cannafull – White Label CBD Skincare Services

Based in Scotland, Cannafull are quickly making a name for themselves as the go-to company for CBD brands looking to expand into skincare and skincare companies looking to explore Cannabis.

They offer a wide range of White Label CBD Skincare Products in a variety of focussed ranges:

Having worked as a buyer for CBD brands for many years Rick has designed Cannafull’s services to address many of the problems he used to face when sourcing White Label products.

All Cannafull’s white label products come fully accredited for sale in both the UK and EU with Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSRs), up to date lab results and full traceability of all ingredients. Rick explains;

I used to work as a buyer for white label CBD products. I know how painful it can be. Products being under strength, changing colour or smell or just never arriving on time.

When you are trying to run a brand, this just slows you down and stops you focussing on growing your business. It was my frustration with this that drove my desire to move into manufacturing.

When you work with Cannafull we make every batch to order. You will know to the day when your product was made. All orders come with the full accreditation and paperwork that you need to be compliant, and we work closely with you to make sure your labelling is accurate before you launch. As for COA testing? We will never send you an ‘under strength’ product. Every batch is tested before we bottle and release it. If the test is under, that’s our problem, not yours."

"Our desire is to be the perfect foundation for your business.”

Alongside their white label ranges Cannafull also offer custom formulation design and have worked with some of Europe’s best-known brands incorporating their own proprietary extracts into unique skincare products.

Want to Learn More about Cannafull?

We have known the team for Cannafull for years and consider them a trusted partner at Hemp Hound.

If you’d like to learn more or reach out to their friendly professional team then you can get in touch with them here:

They are also very active on LinkedIn. Give them a follow and meet their team here.


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