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Taking craft CBD Lager, Ale and Cider to new heights!

There have been some companies that have jumped on to the bandwagon when it comes to CBD infused alcoholic beverages, but here's one that has literally created it's own wagon, and they've supplied their own band for it... metaphorically speaking of course.

Founded in 2019, Cannabrew started with their Sesh IPA. They followed that up in September of 2020 with the release of Soul Lager, and then with Cloud Cider in March of 2021. All of these CBD beverages are expertly brewed, and are GMP and SALSA certified.

There's a strong argument for mixing hemp and hops, as both plants are in fact related and certain strains of the latter do in fact express Cannabidiol in their own right. In the case of Cannabrew though - they don't try to confuse the consumer, they ensure that their drinks are made with choice ingredients to ensure that great taste, and then fortified each batch with CBD so that each can comes with 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Elliot, Founder of Cannabrew: "Now we’re not claiming to be better than Jeremy Kyle, but we have successfully brought two families back together after millions of years to create our well-loved craft beers."

Cannabrew is more than just awesome favours and getting one up on a famous daytime TV star, the origin of the company starts with the great game of Rugby. Elliot himself was introduced to CBD as a way to help with post match recovery, as well as a way to unwind after a day of craziness.

"It's a marriage made in heaven really if you think about it, two ways to unwind all wrapped up in one great tasting drink, three if you want to try the whole range of course. Whether its after a hard days work, or 80 minutes of rucks, scrums and lineouts, Cannabrew has got you covered!"

It seems that Elliot can talk a good game, but lets see what he's got to offer to you lovers of all things quaffable!

Cannabrew's Cloud Cider is the latest addition to their range, it is made using the best British apples from established orchards, and made in a traditional manner which creates a crisp taste that is only accentuated with summer and great company.

Their Sesh IPA goes in a different direction, and provides a citrus kick with undertones of black currant. It's certainly a tipple that goes above and beyond in the flavour stakes.

And then there is Soul Lager, which was released last year. This crisp number combines hints of vanilla and citrus which is guaranteed to give you at feel good factor.

"The Cannabrew range is designed to be dynamic in flavour, and we've also carried that into the artwork on the cans as well. It's about capturing the imagination, its not just that our drinks are for all occasions, but also for all locations too"

Cannabrew don't exaggerate when it comes to claiming you can enjoy their drinks anywhere. On the launch of their Cloud Cider, Elliot got his own mother to drink a can whilst wing walking on an airborne biplane.

On a personal note, I think this is absolute genius! Equally, I can't see many mothers being happy about walking on the wing of a plane in flight to promote her sons new product...

Cannabrew promotes sensible drinking, and are also very passionate about the environment. On that note, if you do enjoy any of his exceptional range of crafted beverages whilst camping or at the beach with friends, please do ensure that you dispose of any empty cans appropriately and recycle where you can.

The environment itself is a hot topic right now, and Cannabrew have been focused on that since day one. For every case they sell of any of their three fine tipples, they plant two trees in their forest. This forest represents trees they have donated to conservation efforts around the world, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

If you would like to know more about Cannabrew and their fine range of beverages, click here to say hello.


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