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Apogee Associates, the sustainable R&D provider

We are Apogee Associates, a company founded by four friends who wanted to bring an innovative, client-centric approach to the R&D tax credit sector.

Having worked at two different R&D tax credit providers, we observed several issues in the industry. Nobody could offer clients an exceptional service at a reasonable cost, whilst ensuring that all of their eligible activities and expenditure was captured and properly presented.

This is the reason we decided to found Apogee, a values driven and highly specialist R&D tax credit firm that focuses exclusively on R&D tax credit relief. We provide the most complete and holistic offering in the industry that goes far beyond the compilation of the R&D report.

We act as your internal R&D tax credit team and support on all elements of the process, including liaising with HMRC, tracking R&D activity going forwards and educating on the different avenues the benefit can be realised through. Because of our thorough and comprehensive process, we have established a 100% success rate across over 600 applications without ever receiving a query from HMRC.

At this point you may be asking, what does that have to do with sustainability? Everyone in the business has a passion for hiking and getting outdoors (this passion even influenced the name of our business and logo design!). When starting Apogee, we saw an opportunity to use the business as a force for good by using our resources to help protect the natural environment. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our contributions to the protection of rainforests (we donate 5% of our profits towards this cause) and in combatting deforestation (we plant 100 new trees for each application we process!).

Sustainability is one of our core values, and to us it means making ethical operations profitable, in a way that looks after the planet and the people on it. The R&D tax credit incentive R&D tax relief is a government incentive designed to promote innovation in the UK, whilst simultaneously stimulating the economy. Run by HMRC since the year 2000, it rewards companies who invest time and money into the development of new (or improvement of existing) products, processes or services.

Who is eligible?

To promote UK innovation, HMRC intentionally keep the eligibility criteria for the incentive broad. Every UK company eligible to pay corporation tax, undertaking Qualifying Activity and incurring Qualifying Expenditure is eligible for the relief. But what is considered Qualifying Activity? Put simply, if you’re trying to overcome a technical or scientific problem that competent professionals in the sector cannot readily resolve, you’re likely conducting R&D activity. There’s obviously a lot more to it than that; however, if you think this could relate to your business, it’s probably worth having a chat. Our Process

Many R&D providers require their clients to invest significant amounts of time filling in forms and spreadsheets to compile their applications. Our refined process saves you time and ensures you recover everything you’re entitled to!

After discussing your projects, we compile a robust technical report for you (between 20-50 pages long) that comprehensively addresses every aspect of HMRC’s guidance. Our team will also process your financial information and guide you through which costs are eligible to help you ascribe your Qualifying Expenditure and ensure nothing is left on the table. Through this process, we’ve established a 100% success rate and have never had an application so much as queried. In many instances, we’ve even been able to increase the value of applications that have been compiled by some of the biggest R&D consultancies in the UK.

We depend on delivering second-to-none service to retain our clients and, therefore, do not use any lock-in contracts. This approach has worked well so far; we’ve had nothing less than 5* reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

If you’re unsure whether your company is eligible for R&D tax credit relief, or if you just want to learn more about the incentive, get in touch with one of the team!


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